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Monday, April 12, 2021

Here is how MP’s 250 local women resolved water crisis

A group of 250 local women from Angrotha, Madhya Pradesh, worked rigorously over 18 months to dig out a hill that was obstructing the water source of the village. They solved the water problem that they were facing for so many years and a man-made waterway is created that connects the origin of the water source to their village.

The women showed courage, power, and perseverance and proved that anything can be solved if you have the will to do it.

Transformation of the hill

The shortage of water supply affected the lives of the villagers. Due to the hill, the water could not come to the other side of the village and use to flow in the forest. Thus, the women of the village took the responsibility in their hand to cut off the hill to a length of about half kilometers, so that the water can make its way to the village.

They formed a group of about 250 women and started working incessantly to get the water supply. They did it by themselves with their hands, and didn’t use any modern technology or machinery.

How these 250 women saved the villagers’ lives?

The pond that used to supply water to the village was facing water shortage for over many years. They live their life depending on farming and livestock, and because of the water shortage, their livelihood was falling apart.

That was the reason why these women decided to do it for the sake of their lives. It took over 18 months to build the canal that connects the water source and the village. They are working on sorting the stones to clear the pathway.

Social media users praised these women for their deeds and also question the government why these women had to go through this situation and why the government didn’t take responsibility for it.

Nevertheless, there’s a saying that ‘If there is a will, there is a way’ and these 250 women proved it.

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