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How COVID 19 changed everything so quickly leaves us an opportunity to lend a helping hand

In a matter of few months, the world has been transformed. Thousands of people have already died, millions more have fallen sick, from a corona virus that was previously unknown. For many who have not caught the disease, their entire way of life has changed.ย  Travel restrictions are in place worldwide. The normally bustling pubs, bars and theaters have been closed and people have been told to stay in their homes. Flights are being cancelled as the aviation industry crumples.

All these changes, have also led to some unexpected consequences. As industries, transport and businesses have closed down, it has brought about a sudden drop in carbon emissions, pollution levels, animal deaths, accidents and crimes.


 Vehicles moving in the road amidst heavy smog.
Delhi, India – Vehicles moving in the road amidst heavy smog. Photo Shutterstock.com/Saurav022


  1. Every year, 7 million premature deaths are caused globally due to acid rains.
  2. According to studies, each year over 1 million sea birds, 100,000 sea mammals, 300,000 dolphins are killed by pollution. And nearly 100,000 land mammals, 100,000 birdsย  die due to plastic waste.
  3. More than, 400,000 human deaths occur due to homicides all over the world. And less than 1% of global deaths occur because of homicides.

A group of poor children collecting plastic waste from a landfill site in the outskirts of Delhi.
A group of poor children collecting plastic waste from a landfill site in the outskirts of Delhi. Hundreds of children work at these sites to earn their livelihood. Photo- Shutterstock.com/clicksabhi

In contrast, in these tough times, there has been a 50% decline in pollution , the proportion of good quality air is up by 11.4%. Satellite images show Nitrogen dioxide(NO2) emissions are fading away. Animals are fearlessly entering the cities, aquatic life is reclaiming water bodies. More than 80% crimes have reduced all over.


drop in NO2 AMID covid 19
Drop in NO2 Levels amid the reduced activity due to COVID 19 impact. Photo – NASA

The situation seems like the universe has a made a balance on its own. For the first time, Himalayas are visible to people in many towns of India.ย 

Somethingย  still unbalanced is that:ย  “The richest 1% own 44% of the world wealth” or putting this into another perspective, “The 10 richest men own more wealth among them, than India’s entire GDP.”

Mumbai Slum
Slums in India against the skyscrapers highlighting the stark difference between rich and poor. Photo: Shutterstock.com/Agus.d.wahyudi

No one should expect another global pandemic as a way of bringing about such a huge balance between rich and poor, affluent and needy, grateful and ungrateful.ย  The COVID-19 impact on the Indian economy did not hit poor and rich a like economically. Mukesh Ambani lost more than 30% of his wealth since the corona virus started to show its impact in India. But he would not be dependent on his daily wage to have dinner on his table. According to one research conducted by International Labor Organization, Of the total employed in 2011โ€“12, more than half (51.4 per cent, or 206 million people) were self-employed, and of the 195 million wage earners, 62 per cent (i.e. 121 million) were employed as casual workers. The COVID 19 hit this segment of population the hardest.

Alzazeera published an article highlighting the situation of Poor amid the COVID 19. The article mentions

“Uke, 30, who lives in a village in Maharashtra in western India ran out of money and groceries. “So, I started feeding my three young girls rice with a chutney, made of crushed onions or tomatoes,” she says.”

Before nature decides to teach us a harsh lesson to fix ourselves, lets take this as an opportunity to devote all our energies to helping the millions of people who have been left behind to catch up.

Food donation in india amid lockdown
Mumbai / India 4 April 2020 Private donors distributes food packets to the poor who are struggling to earn during lockdown at Goregaon Mumbai Maharashtra India. Photo: Shutterstock.com/By Arun Sambhu Mishra

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