“I just can’t live without my Tabla, I am nothing without it,” says Ravneet Singh

Music is a great form of art that people connect to very deeply, and this is possible because of the musicians. One such amazing musician is Ravneet Singh, a Tabla fusionist who plays fusion songs of different genres. Starting off in his seventh grade, Ravneet has been playing Tabla for ten years, through which over the years of practice he is now a popular tabla fusionist.

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In Conversation with Ravneet Singh, a Tabla fusionist

“I just can’t live without my Tabla, I am nothing without it,” says Ravneet Singh, a Tabla Fusionist. Read more: https://bit.ly/2WgDtm3

Tabla Fusionist Ravneet

Posted by Platocast on Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Ravneet Singh has gotten the opportunity to work with many great artists from Bollywood and the music industry like Milind Gaba, Raftaar, Shibani Kashyap, Tulsi Kumar, and Punjab’s legendary singer Sardool Sikander. While talking to Platocast about his journey, Ravneet Singh said: “It was God’s plan, I just went with the flow. I’m very thankful to God, and it has been a very beautiful journey so far and I’m glad that my art is reaching out to more and more people across the world.”

Ravneet Singh Tabla Fusionist

It is surprising to know that Ravneet has no musical background. Even though Ravneet’s father has good rhythm since he doesn’t play any instrument. But, Ravneet Singh claims that he might’ve gotten his rhythmic talents from his father which is the reason he is a tabla fusionist today.

Ravneet Singh Tabla Fusionist

One of Ravneet’s work is where he made a fusion video of him playing Tabla to the song Yummy, by the famous American singer, Justin Bieber. “Usually I get comments on my smile, people love to see me smile while I play. Some people are so good that they give a lot of blessings from their heart and I think that is the most positive thing I get to see in my comment section,” Ravneet said.

Ravneet Singh Tabla Fusionist

The struggles of an artist are very memorable ones. What he/she goes through to come out on top and be recognized is a journey that should be told to the world. But the best part of being an artist is that their work is always heard, read, and felt by people who depend on these arts as an escape from their reality. “I just can’t live without my Tabla, I am nothing without it. It has given me so much that I can’t express it in words,” Ravneet Singh said.

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