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Ila Prakash Singh, a home baker and founder of Truffle Tangles

Her passion for cooking came from very early in life. From leaving her job to starting a new cooking business. Ila Prakash Singh’s journey is full of inspirational colors which now has resulted in Truffle Tangles.

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In Conversation with Ila Prakash Singh

Meet Ila Prakash Singh, a passionate home baker and also the founder of Truffle Tangles by ILA. Read her story: https://bit.ly/2IfIacd

Posted by Platocast on Friday, October 9, 2020

It’s an easy catch to grown your business online with the help of social media, but Ila Prakash Singh started her business when there was no such thing as the comforts of social media. Being a working mother from Gurugram she started baking and catering business from home in 2007. Today, she’s the owner for a grand business, earning in lakhs every month.

It’s never a pleasant journey when you are running your own business, and Ila knew about her struggles very well. But she tapped into her confidence and strength, which became a viral sensation on social media platforms and that was the time when her business took a great twist and started running smoothly. “25 years ago, girls were not seen baking or in the kitchen or hotels that commonly, it was a rare sight,” Ila Prakash Singh said.

Ila now caters and delivers around 40 different types of baked goods like cookies, cakes, chocolates, desserts, artisanal bread, and even gluten-free bread. She also has a variety of amazing savory items like stuffed buns, patty, pizzas, and more. There are specially curated gift hampers they deliver across Delhi, and they would make what you like as per your request and it will be delivered to you.

Before starting the business, Ila spent almost a decade working in the hospitality department and also as a sales and marketing person for renowned hotels like Sheraton Hotel and Taj.

There wasn’t any concrete plan when she started her business or any strategies, just handmade posters she created and all the fantastic recipes she had learned while working at the Sheraton and other hospitality sectors. Her idea is; if you have a dream or a plan, go ahead with it even if it takes time to reach your destination, always preserve and keep up the spirits.

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