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India coronavirus: Know all about 6 bizarre recent incidents

Everyday spike of 45,000 or more Covid-19 cases, new lockdown announcements, the start of vaccine trials or for instance tug of war over Rajasthan CM’s chair, you must be reading or watching all these news with majority of us still remaining cooped up in home.

If these are some of the major news that keep the headlines ticking, a number of bizarre incidents have happened too amid the corona scene. These recent incidents maybe haven’t made it to the headlines but they are surely worth pay attention to for their bizarreness. These incidents, all related to the pandemic crisis, is kind of a mixed bag of stories that trigger different emotions.

Here are the six bizarre pandemic-related incidents that have happened recently across the country

1. Let’s eat chicken and beat corona

Yeah, you read it right! Have chicken and stay away from the virus. No we’re NOT saying this but people in Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh believe so. Therefore, the demand for Kadaknath chicken, a special breed known for providing high-protein meat, has soared like anything in the past few weeks as Covid-19 cases surge.

India coronavirus
Kadaknath chicken or Kali Masi. Photo: Twitter

According to an official from this tribal-populated area, the supply of this special black-coloured chicken in local markets was affected due to lockdown. But since it has been eased up a bit, the demand for this meat has gone up. So what’s so special about Kadaknath chicken? Well, the official added that this chicken contains very high protein, less fat, less cholesterol and a lot of medicinal properties. It tastes different from regular chicken and locals believe that having Kadaknath chicken regularly can improve their immune system, the official said. This special breed of chicken from Jhabua district even won its Geographical Indication tag last year. So hail Kadaknath chicken!

2. Feast before heist! Mutton this time…

Since we’re talking about food, meat especially, here comes another recent incident that will surely tickle your funny bones. A thief broke into a Covid-19 patient’s home in Jharkhand and before fleeing with cash and jewelry, the thief cooked rice and mutton curry and had a sumptuous meal. This happened in Jamshedpur few days ago. A local resident contracted Covid-19 and was eventually hospitalised. According to a report by HT, his wife and children were in their native village. So their house was locked. The thief broke open the rear door with sharp objects, went inside, cooked and ate peacefully before leaving with Rs 50,000 cash and jewelry worth Rs 50,000, police said. Wow! What a plan, and also what a perfect choice of menu! Just hope you didn’t catch the virus from the patient’s residence, Mr. thief!

3. Launch of crispy Bhabiji papad

Yes, we’re still talking about food. What to do. Our country surely knows how to crack crispy jokes! Union minister Arjun Ram Meghwal on Friday launched this Bhabiji Papad, claiming that it is made of ayurvedic ingredients that boost one’s immunity and build antibodies against Covid-19! So what’s the need of vaccines then? Some people actually thought Meghwal left the scientists trying to get a vaccine jobless instantly.

He even made a video of it and that went viral. Those who are wise and sane shared a laugh after watching his video and moved on. How unscientific and hilarious a Union minister’s statement can be, this incident is ideal proof. Yes we get Atmanirbhar and all, but papad to beat Covid-19? Err…

4. Hospital sends Covid-19 patient home, mistakenly!

Right, somebody said it right. “To err is human.” This is what happened in Baliram Kashyap Memorial Government Medical College in Chhattisgarh. In a major slip, a Covid-19 patient who was undergoing treatment at the hospital was released and sent home by the hospital authorities simply out of a mistake. Higher officials took note of the incident and sought an explanation. An inquiry is going on. But what a big blunder was that. No wonder Chhattisgarh is having fresh lockdown with nearly 7,000 cases.

5. Kids were given liquor as “Covid-19 cure”

Now this is neither funny not a mistake, but sheer crime. In a bizarre incident, a group of children were given a locally made liquor as “corona cure” in Odisha’s tribal population dominated Malkangiri district. The liquor was served at a wedding as advised by some village heads, reported HT. Some local residents made a video of the incident and uploaded in social media. The video went viral and the incident came to light. It raises so many questions, such as how can a wedding take place when we are asked to maintain social distancing, what was the local administration doing and so on. As per reports, an investigation has started. But the incident has surely made us shocked and enraged.

6. Mosque turned into Covid-19 care

Now let’s wrap the list with a positive story. The Godhra mosque has been turned into a Covid-19 care facility where free treatment is provided to all patients irrespective of their religious backgrounds. This is the second-largest mosque of Gujarat which has over 50,000 infections at present. We all know how Godhra earned a bad name during the 2002 riots in which 59 people were burnt alive in Sabarmati Express. Time has changed for better since then. To know more about the mosque Covid-19 care facility, click here.


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