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Want to crack UPSC? This IPS officer will help you with the notes

A B Tech in computer sciences from IIT Prayagraj, Tomar secured 138th rank in UPSC in 2012.

Akash Tomar, an IPS officer from Uttar Pradesh, has offered his most beloved possessions for public sharing — his civil service notes — the notes he used crack UPSC.  The document that helped IPS officer Tomar get through India’s toughest exam in his first attempt in 2013 can be downloaded from his Twitter account through a virtual beeline.

A B Tech in computer sciences from IIT Prayagraj, Tomar secured 138th rank in UPSC in 2012. He had also won the DG’s Commendation Card in 2019.

To help simplify the tedious journey of aspirants, IPS officer Tomar, who is posted as the police chief of Etawah, has made available the content — his UPSC notes — that takes to crack the exam. All one needs to do is check Twitter handle @akashtomarips.

In a post that has been tagged along, Tomar says: “If anyone needs my 2012 UPSC notes (in typed form) in order to get an idea about how notes should be made during preparation for civil services, please reply to the post with your email ID. I’ll mail you my notes.”

Tomar said that the response to his December 12 offer was overwhelming. “On the very next day, that is, December 13, I was inundated with over 3,500 requests. As I realized that it was not possible for me to mail the notes to so many seekers, I decided to share the links of the notes in PDF format on my account,” he said.

Although Tomar has been sharing his notes with the aspirants who approached him personally, this is the first time that he has gone with a “public offer”, The New Indian Express reported.

“I had prepared all my notes on the computer in a PDF format. So it was easy to share the links. “I thought that my notes can help those who are vying for the prestigious services and are devoid of costly resources. Even during the pandemic when all the coaching institutes were shut, I could feel the level of stress of the civil service aspirants. So I thought of helping them,” said the 31-year-old.

Tomar, who offers tips on how to prepare for current affairs and general knowledge, has also been receiving requests to organise webinars and online tutorials to give important tips for the interview.

His notes are even being sought by celebrities, including shooter Manu Bhakar, the winner of youth Olympics 2018, and Madhu Kishwar, the founder of Centre for the Study of Developing Societies and a veteran journalist have got in touch with Tomar to get enlightened. 

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