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Kerala Police gifts bicycle to 9 y/o boy after he ‘steals’ neighbour’s

A police officer in Kerala gifts a bicycle to a 9 year-old as a kindhearted gesture. The schoolboy had a case filed against him by a neighbour for stealing their new bicycle.

Latheef Attappadi, a shopkeeper in Palakkad’s Sholayur, posted the touching tale on Facebook and the post went viral soon after.

Kerala Police gifts bicycle to 9 y/o boy in an heart wrenching incident

The story of Kerala Police gifts bicycle to a schoolboy describes how Sholayur station police officers who learnt about the whole incident decided to help the boy after the case was lodged against him.  They then decided to buy him a new bicycle, after they learnt of the desperation of the boy.

“His childish desire to ride a bicycle had made the child take his neighbour’s brand new bicycle. The issue, however, soon escalated into a complaint of theft with the neighbour going to the police accusing the boy of theft”, Latheef addresses in a Facebook post.

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The News Minute said that the boy belonged to a poor family and his excitement at the young age led him to take the neighbour’s new bicycle.

The owners complained to the police as they were not able to find their cycle. After which police began to look for the bicycle, it was told the boy had parked the bicycle in his home. When the cops asked him about it, the boy said he wanted to ride it for once.

Kerala’s Humble Policeman

The post said, “Though police settled the issue amicably, Vinod Krishna, the Station House Officer of the Sholayur police station was deeply moved by the incident and decided to buy him a new bicycle. For that, he came to my shop.”

Latheef after learning the incident asked the cop not to pay for the bicycle and said the police officer is a humble human.

“Though there may be complaints against police officers, we can always take pride that such officers with a good heart are there for our protection. I salute the CI of Sholayur police station Vinod Krishna and his colleagues, who were instrumental in making the child happy,” the post further said.

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