This eco loving Kerala’s couple choose zero waste wedding

A young couple from Kerala decided to go green by growing a forest and asked their friends to plant trees on account of their wedding. The couple just didn’t stop there, the wedding was of complete zero waste, low carbon and plastic-free. Apart from that they also planted 25 varieties of bamboo in the surrounding region to promote the message of growing sustainable wood.

Here’s how it all started!

Sonu and Sanju tied knot on June 5th, 2020, on International Environment Day. Sanju Soman works with ATREE and a social entrepreneur.

Sanju met Sonu in 2018 during an internship at the ATREE. They then worked on several environmental and social projects together which has created quite a lot of impact, it is when they thought why not have a life together. By the end of 2019, they decided to get married and informed their parents. The couple initially agreed to marry on 5th September 2020 as fixed by their families. But after the Covid-19 pandemic, they decided to get married on June 5th and convinced their parents.

They always wanted to have a small and simple wedding. They created a Miyawaki forest which has 200 trees consisting of 65 species in Manakala in Adoor, Pathanamthitta District. The main aim was to create an urban forest with the method of plant saplings in a dense pattern. It propagates the growth of the trees at a very fast rate.

Sonu said, ” Our parents had already fixed the marriage date but later on after the outbreak of Covid19, we decided to pre-pone the wedding. We convinced our parents saying that it would be great to have a wedding on Environmental Day since both of us work for the cause of climate change.”

Due to the pandemic, it was obvious that their friends and relatives would not be a part of the wedding it is when they came up with a plan. They asked everyone in their circle to plant trees on their auspicious day. Along with which they also decided to have a wedding fundraiser and raised money through Milaap to support individuals affected by COVID19 crisis. They also donated some part of the wedding savings for helping vulnerable people and communities

About 400 friends planted saplings across the world on their big day. They also received Rs 60,000 as a donation through Milaap. The fund is now being used to support single mothers and children from communities who need digital connections for learning.

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