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Magic Diyas By Ashok Chakradhari Will Amaze You!

Magic Diyas, is now a new trend. Ashok Chakradhari a potter from Chhattisgarh is getting limelight for his magic lamps, which can burn within 24 hours.

Chakradhari is a 62-year-old potter who came up with the magic Diya. He designed it last year after watching a tutorial on Youtube.

Due to the Covid19 outbreak, there were no customers who came up to purchase his pottery works for several months, but, he didn’t give up. With his daughter and over seven people who make pottery which includes widowed women created the magic diyas.

Magic Diyas

These magic diyas have three parts, they are; the lamp, a structured tomb like that can contain the oil, and a lamp’s base. The diya is supported by the base of the lamp with a handle which holds the oil container and pours it to the diya.

Image: Ashok Chakradhari Facebook

After over five or six trials he was able to get the right lamp’s design and he was able to complete it in a week.

Potter Behing The Diyas

Image: Ashok Chakradhari Facebook

Chakradhari is from a potters family where he learnt pottery from his father soon after his schooling. He received training from Kapat Sanstha and improved his skills.

He is a master trainer at Jhiktu Mitki Art Center. The Forest Department and an NGO have equipped him by the basic tools to help his business.

He is teaching many artisans in the village he aims the craft to be available everyone. He also plans to make videos for youtube where people can learn them without cost.

Image: Ashok Chakradhari Facebook

He sold the magic diyas for Rs.200 in last year’s Diwali, and for Durga Puja, he sold it for one hundred. He also creates many other products. Soon after he uploaded a video of his lamp on the social media platform, he received many orders.

He looks forward to more orders and avails his learnings to the large crowd with his youtube videos. He also conducts workshops to teach the articians.

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