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Maharashtra’s library on wheels motivates people to find refuge in books

The ‘Let's Read India' Project had intended to launch the project in Maharashtra, Goa, and Madhya Pradesh at first, but the idea was put on hold due to the pandemic.

Maharashtra’s library on wheels is all set to inspire people to read again, a team of IT professionals and engineers in Maharashtra started the ‘Let’s Read India’ campaign by introducing their library to people’s homes.

The initiative began a few months ago in Maharashtra, the initiative has led to collection of over 10 lakh books on a wide range of topics.

Maharashtra’s library on wheels

One of the campaign’s organizers, Prafulla Wankhede, says the response has been overwhelming.

“Our primary objective is to bring this WhatsApp and social media generation back to books. We want to rekindle the reading habit and culture among them. It will make them better educated and more civilised citizens,” he stated to NIE.

Wankhede clarified that their library van journey to rural areas where such facilities are scarce.

“We want to reach out to every person who wants to read a book. We have three mobile libraries now. People can borrow books for a week for free with only one condition: the borrower should submit a 300-word review about the book to be able to take a second book,” he added.

“Otherwise, people take the book and use it to adorn a corner of their home. Our objective is to ensure people read.”

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“Those who want to get books can connect through our social media site/website and app. This will enable them to know the locations of the mobile library that has GPS attached. Besides, there is a QR code for each book. The mobile library makes the weekly visit to the identified locations,” Wankhede said.

The ‘Let’s Read India’ Project had intended to launch the project in Maharashtra, Goa, and Madhya Pradesh at first, but the idea was put on hold due to the pandemic.

He further said, “We are now focusing on Maharashtra. In the next two years, we will be able to connect every village of the state.”

“Once we grow in Maharashtra, we’ll then shift our focus to the rest of the country.”

The organization also intends to launch a YouTube channel where speeches, interviews, and critiques by well-known authors will be broadcast.

“We not only offer books, but we also suggest what should be read. Many people are confused about their reading choices. If they can read the kind of books they want, it will help them in their academic and professional life,” stated Wankhede.

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