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Make a way to Rintu’s miniature Chocolate Ganesha and Kheer Gowri

Eating chocolates in any form makes us happy. What if we come across chocolate Ganesha idols? Meet Rintu Rathod who is making chocolicious Ganesha. This year she came up with a new concept by making ‘Kheer Ganesha’ and she sculptured miniature Corona Vinashak Ganesha.

Rintu Rathod is a Mumbai based artist and a passionate baker. She is well known for her various theme-based sculpting. This year her new concept was Gowri made of Kheer and miniature Corona Vinashak idol.  She said, ” I have been making chocolate Ganeshas from past 10 years. This year I have made miniature Ganapathi which is of 5 inches and 200grams. It was easy for me to make it and difficult to sculpt at the same time.”

“This time I also made Gowri made of Kheer where after immersing into the milk it will turn into Kheer or Payasam,” she added. She insists that she will continue to make miniature Ganesha idols.

Due to the Covid19 outbreak, many people didn’t want to buy idols from outside. So, she decided to help them make their own chocolate Ganesha at home by conducting free online workshops.

On August 15, Rintu conducted a free international online workshop tutorial for making chocolate idols at home. There were about 2,400 participants from across 45 countries.

She has been applauded for her creative sculpting of Ganesha completely made of chocolate. Rintu’s journey began in the year 2011 when she came across the broken Ganesha idols and flowers in Juhu beach during Ganesh Visarjan after celebrating the renowned festival Ganesha Chaturthi. She then decided to make a difference by turning into a baker. She fed has fed many children from the past 10 years. Her Ganeshas are in various sizes, shapes and designs.

She invented ‘chocolate Ganesha’ and her main aim is to make eco-friendly Ganesha idols for the festival. The idols are immersed in the milk and, later the chocolate milk is distributed to the underprivileged children as Prasadam which is of zero waste.

The Ganesha idols are made from cacao beans and sugar. It has no added preservative and made of 100% natural products. Rintu after preparing the idols keep them in an air-conditioned room.

Rintu was a designer after which her son was born and, she decided to be a full-time mother. She quit her job and began Rini Bakes – Bake My Dreams, a home-based baking company. She is giving a better perspective with her passion for a cause. She has several projects under her along with Ganesha idols.

She has not only made Ganesha idols but came up with ‘Save the Girl Child’ initiative in which she made a cake in the shape of an abandoned girl child.

She says, “I have combined my two passions – Designing and Baking, Which I think is a lethal combination for creating edible masterpieces. I can turn your dream fantasies into yummy cakes and chocolate sculptures.”

Rintu’s beautifully designed idols are of divine taste. She makes from huge chocolate sculptures to the most elegant wedding cakes and also makes 3D cakes special events.

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