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Meet Relu Vasave Who Rows 18km To Take Care of Tribal New Borns And Pregnant Women

A 27-year old, Relu Vasave based in Nashik has been working as an Anganwadi worker as travels over 18 km to reach the tribal village. She has no other option but to row across the Narmada river to reach the remote region.

The tribals in the remote regions who row across the Narmada river had stopped visiting the Anganwadi.

Relu Vasave – A Real Inspiration 

After the COVID-19 hit, a group of tribals were not allowed to come to the Anganwadi centres by boat to receive the facilities.

Even then, Relu Vasave did not stop instead she decided to serve her duties. So, she got a small boat from the local to travel to the tribal village.

She takes care and provides nutrition to over 25 newborns and malnourished children. Not only children but, she also takes care of seven pregnant women.

This has been Relu Vasave routine since April after the Covid-19 outbreak. She visits the remote tribal villages by boat every week for five days. She aims to provide proper care to the newborns, children and pregnant ladies.

Relu Vasave makes sure to provide nutritional supplements supplied by the government to them.

For over six months Relu Vasave reaches the Anganwadi at 7:30 am and continues to do the same. Soon after her lunch in the afternoon and starts rowing her boat and reaches, in the dark evening. . She received an appreciation by the chief minister of Maharashtra, Uddhav Thackeray for her work.

With some nutritional supplements and baby-weighing equipment, she rows to Anganwadi all alone.

After reaching the riverside, Relu Vasave has to climb up the hills to reach the Anganwadi. Her everyday effort is to just to provide the nutritional food to the babies and pregnant women.

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