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Meet Sub-Inspector Shanthappa Jademmnavar Who Teaches 60 Migrant Labourers’ Children Every Morning

Sub-Inspector Shanthappa Jademmnavar is conducting classes for children of Migrant Labourers. He had worked as a migrant worker in his past.

After the lockdown online classes turned out to be a new trend. Children attend classes through various gadgets. But, what about those who don’t have the privilege to have any such gadgets, especially the children of migrant labourers? Sub-Inspector Shanthappa Jademmnavar, a Bangalore cop had this thought who works at the Annapoorneshwari Nagar Police Station. 

Shanthappa Jademmnavar decided to take classes for such children who sit on the roadside in the region of Annapoorneshwari Nagar.

Indian Express quoted Sub Inspector Shanthappa Jademmnavar, “When I used to go on rounds during the lockdown, I observed the migrant labourers and their children struggling for food and other necessities. Hence, I provided them groceries and other necessities worth Rs 32 lakh from my money as well as the funds raised through sponsorship. But once the lockdown was removed, labourers were back to work.

“However, children from across age groups would spend time sitting idle on roads and sheds. That’s when I decided to start a class for these kids,” Sub-Inspector Shanthappa Jademmnavar added. 

When he first started taking classes in the roadside sheds there were only 10 children but eventually, the number increased to 60 after the word of mouth spread about his initiative.

He says, “My classes are more value-based education than curriculum-based. While kids below five years are taught the alphabet, rhymes and name of states and cities, children belonging to other age group are taught History, general concepts in Science and Maths.

“Since we have open classes, it becomes difficult for children to gather during heavy rains. A few people have also provided mats and solar-powered lights to these children so that they can do homework and projects assigned to them,” Sub-Inspector Shanthappa Jademmnavar added.

Sub-Inspector Shanthappa Jademmnavar starts his duty at 8.30 in the morning. Every day he conducts the class from 7 am to 8 am that is an hour session.

Some volunteers works along with him. When ever he is not available, one of the volunteers visit these children to conduct classes. He. is also working on convincing the parents to admit their children to the government schools that is for free of cost.

He sharing about his past mentioned that Sub-Inspector Shanthappa Jademmnavar has also worked as a migrant worker for over two decades before he was a cop. Hence, he decided to create a change in the lives of such children.

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