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Mourning Swan Cancels 23 Trains In Germany, Photo Goes Viral

The mourning swan was later rescued and released unharmed near the banks of the local Fulda river. 

In a bizarre incident in Germany, a mourning swan on a railway track apparently led to the delay and eventual cancellation of 23 trains. The swan was finally rescued by police personnel and firefighters who released it near a river.

The incident took place on December 23 near Fuldatal in central Germany. Two swans had accidentally flown into the high-tension lines along the railway tracks. It caused the death of one of the swans, whose body got trapped in the overhead lines.

Swans find their mate for life

Following the accident, the dead swan’s companion was spotted to be in ‘mourning’ – a phenomenon often found in nature among swans. Swans are known to exhibit beautiful romantic gestures with their companions, like the elegant swan dance during mating season. They have also been observed to mourn the death of their mates, by staying beside the dead bird at the site of death.

Research by Britain’s Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has discovered that swans generally tend to find a mate for life.

In this case, the swan in the picture lost its mate to the tragic accident. Afterwards, the mourning swan settled down in the middle of the railway tracks, where trains connecting Kassel to Göttingen ply frequently. As local authorities took note of the incident, trains were halted to let the swan move on its own. Unfortunately, the mourning swan remained unperturbed on the tracks, just below the accident site of its mate.

The mourning swan was later released near the river

The swan’s mourning lasted around 50 minutes leading to the cancellation of 23 consecutive trains. Finally, the authorities decided to intervene to move the swan to safety and resume the transport services.

Firefighters sought the help of special equipment to remove the dead swan’s body, hanging from the overhead lines. The mourning swan was rescued and released unharmed near the banks of the local Fulda river.

The photo of the mourning swan was released five days after the incident by the Kassel federal police. The photo garnered global attention immediately after its release on social media and is being considered an example of ‘true love’.

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