Cheteshwar Pujara

Twitter Reacts After Cheteshwar Pujara Survives Constant Bouncer Barrage

Cheteshwar Pujara, the wall of the Indian Cricket Team, had to face some vicious deliveries in the on-going Gabba test.
Elon Musk Tesla India

India’s air pollution: Elon Musk’s electric cars is future, here’s how in 6 points

India air pollution and Elon Musk, connected? The issue of air pollution in our country needs no further elaboration as generally, all conscious citizens of India know about it. Grey skies, thick smog, irritation...
Sushant Singh Rajput's death

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death: Here are 5 ways the issue’s being politicized

If we look at the present scenario, full-on politics is going on around the issue. In just over the past few weeks, Sushant's death has turned into a potential weapon to our political leaders to fight upcoming elections or revamping the image of the parties they belong to. Read the full article to know more
Chinese apps

Chinese apps ban: How will it impact us? Everything you need to know

Many are calling it a "digital surgical strike" by India on China. Amid the ongoing stand-off between the Indian Army and the Chinese PLA in eastern Ladakh, India put a ban on 59 Chinese...
HIV AIDS drugs India

How is India doing on HIV AIDS drugs front? Here are all details in...

Along with the rest of the world, India observed World AIDS Day yesterday. Over the ages, our country has experienced lots of positive and negative factors concerning the disease, its treatment, diagnosis and medicines....
SC slams states over covid-19 healthcare

SC raps states on Covid-19 healthcare: 6 points you must know

Horrendous, horrific, pathetic. The Supreme Court on Friday used these three words to describe how states are treating the dead bodies of Covid-19 patients. The court rapped Delhi, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Bengal for...
Trump vs Twitter: Here's everything you need to know in 7 points

Trump vs Twitter: Here’s everything you need to know in 7 points

It's Trump vs Twitter! Woah! After some blissful years of togetherness, the bond between the US president and his favorite social media platform is on the rocks! Let's find out how and why. Twitter and...
new Coronavirus strain

New Coronavirus Strain in Karnataka? Scientists Suspect UK’s Deadly Superspreader’s Presence in India

The mutant B1.1.7 COVID-19 virus strain that has now paralysed major parts of the United Kingdom, is suspected to be already present in Karnataka. Experts believe that the new Coronavirus strain, which is 70%...
India tech developments

5 major tech developments that are changing India forever

India is witnessing a major technological paradigm shift. Albeit, the pandemic has pushed this a development lot. As we move towards the post-Covid world, the importance of technology is increasing every day. Read the full article to know more
Indo-China relations

Indo-China row: What’s on Trump’s mind, help or harm?

As the border row between India and China continues, we've seen the US has been volunteering to resolve the crisis. US President Donald Trump has sought to play the mediator's role since tensions between...