India arrests democracy

10 BIZARRE arrests in today’s India that make you wonder “are we really a...

Nobody apprehended Mehul Choksi and Nirav Modi when they fled India after an alleged Rs 13,500 crore fraud. Nobody stopped Vijay Mallya while he continued to take Rs 9,000 crore loans from 17 banks...
what is the toolkit issue

What is the toolkit issue? Here’s absolutely everything you need to know about it

All hell broke loose when twitter marked Sambit Patra’s tweet on ‘toolkit’ as ‘manipulated media’. Know what is the toolkit issue is.
COVID's impact on children

From learning loss to trafficking, COVID’s impact on children has been the worst

Experts say that the issues can be broadly divided into four issues — increase in social evils on children, loss of learning, increase in dropouts and loss of future livelihood quality
Lancet journal findings

Lancet Journal findings: 3 things it warns the world about India’s COVID situation

In the editorial, the Lancet wrote that his government “seemed more intent on removing criticism on Twitter than trying to control the pandemic.”
India Unemployment Rate

India’s unemployment rate, and many indicators does not look favorable for the country’s economic...

The recent India's unemployment rate number, confirm the tough choices the country has to make to avoid another deep economic recession.
2021 West Bengal Elections takeaways

How the left parties become irrelevant is the entire political history of West...

If there one significant takeaway in the 2021 WB general assembly elections, it is the becoming of the Left parties as the irrelevant.
How does India plan to deal with the medical oxygen crisis?

How does India plan to deal with the medical oxygen crisis?

India now plans to import 50,000 metric tones of medical oxygen to cater to the rising demand. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has already been directed to float a tender for the import.
Prince Philip-Queen Elizabeth II's love story

A historic marriage: 5 facts you didn’t know about Prince Philip-Queen Elizabeth II’s extraordinary...

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip shared an extraordinary love story for over seven decades, making theirs the longest in Britain's history of the monarch. "Prince Philip is simply my rock. He is my...
India Covid-19 second wave

Covid-19 second wave: Lockdown scare haunts again, can Indian economy survive this time?

India Covid-19 second wave is like a déjà vu. The ghost of 2020 is still haunting India. Full lockdown, total closure of trade and commerce, tens of thousands of migrant workers scrambling to catch...
April Fool's Day

April Fool’s Day no biggie, here are 5 ways how political parties fool us...

Lies and hoaxes. Dupes and tricks. Following saffronisation of almost 95% of Indian states in terms of Assembly poll win and with state elections on in five states, the realisation hits us hard. Not...