Covid-19 crisis in India: Instead of curbing, is Centre ensuring the virus STAYS HERE & spreads faster, wider? 5 observations


After reading this headline,

if you still have your doubts, then we’d say you need to wake up from your slumber!

And if you’re shocked, then maybe either you’re too lucky with a healthy body (read non-Covid) and mind along with your two times meal with family and a well-paid job or you’re just simply selfish and oblivious to what’s going on around you (of course if you are in India). Well, don’t forget to thank your stars every day, if you are in the second category!

Okay, now without much ado, let’s just say the first thing first and as it is… And here it is

Looks like the Centre is ensuring Covid STAYS in India and spreads even faster, wider

We’re neither gonna blab around here with details on what should have been done to end this humongous humanitarian crisis or crime. Several experts are sharing their valuable insights on various platforms on this; if the Centre really wanted to, they would have followed and worked on those suggestions. That’s another issue. Nor are we gonna scratch the old wound of how did we come to this massive crisis. Ask any 4-year-old, we bet he/she knows!

We’ll just flag 5 major observations that verify this claim that Yes, it is the Centre or the Indian government, which is spreading the coronavirus even faster and deeper across the country than the virus otherwise would have naturally, on its own.

Here are 5 key observations

1. Covid-19 crisis in India: Politics above people

Yeah, that’s the real virus of India. Dirty, cheap and non-humanitarian politics that doesn’t think of development or people’s welfare. Almost all political parties in India are known to be doing such politics. But the BJP-led Centre is the MASTER of it. The pandemic situation has proved this clearly. Just look at Bengal. CBI arrests top three TMC leaders in Narada case today, but doesn’t even touch the top two BJP leaders – Suvendu Adhikari and Mukul Roy- who are also equally accused in the case. The arrests led to a massive clash between the ruling TMC and now opposition BJP in the state which announced a 15-day complete lockdown to check its rising Covid cases of 20000 per day post-Assembly election. Clashes, crowds break free, total collapse of law and order situation and ultimately failed lockdown measures. And that’s how Covid is here to stay in Bengal, in India.

Also, be it slamming the non-BJP-ruled states for demanding sufficient vaccine doses or holding huge election rallies to capture power in states like Bengal, Assam, Tamil Nadu without caring about people’s lives amid an ongoing pandemic, they have done it all. Rallies held, two weeks after Covid cases soared like never before in all poll-bound states. Similarly, when states spoke about dearth of vaccine doses, our Union health minister found “narrow politics” in it. Everyone understood that it is nothing else but a plain excuse of the Centre to shield itself over the vaccine policy failure issue.

2. Hyper nationalism

Atmanirbhar! That’s how they say it. Unfortunately, the so-called Atmanirbhar India had to beg for help even to Bhutan and Bangladesh as the do-gooder central government failed like anything to control the pandemic situation. Why seek others’ help if India is Atmanirbhar? But Mr PM, the truth is no country can run on its own being self-sufficient in this 21st century, at this age and time. The Centre knows very well that India cannot run a single day without using Chinese merchandise. This is true for other countries as well. Hence, China is mighty. No big/powerful nation dares to go all over against China, because China means money, business and transaction.

Illogically, the government tried to feed the myth/joke of the Atmanirbhar concept to its people last year. It didn’t last long. The second wave of Covid-19 shattered that hyperbole. You must have seen those photos of giant oxygen tankers and medical assistance arriving from foreign countries to India, right?

3. Hyper religiousness

We have Mahakumbh. No, we’re not talking about the religious event of a particular community, but the superspreader event of coronavirus that happened in Haridwar a few weeks ago. Sadhus and pilgrims were seen jostling and bathing in the Ganges in huge numbers. Only a few weeks later, the river bore dead bodies of Covid-19 patients on its chest. This shows the Covid-19 crisis in India is far from getting over.

When a political party is founded purely out of blind and fundamentalist religious outlook, then this is what happens. India is witnessing that. The countrymen are seeing how hyper religiousness can lead a nation to its near-extinction level. The schoolchildren of India do not know when or if they will ever see their classrooms, friends, teachers or playgrounds. The Centre made sure that religion plays above science and education, even at the cost of people’s lives. They made sure childhood is lost, school life is ruined and the healthy upbringing of a person is cancelled.

4. Image-building and selfish interests

The distance between His Central Vista project and the nearest Covid hospital is not much. Still, He didn’t bother to take stock of the ground situation where patients are gasping for breath and families are scurrying to look for beds. Well, He was busy deleting some tweets and ordering the arrest of those who had made posters “tarnishing His image”. Over 2000 heritage trees were chopped off to make way for the Central Vista project. The situation is such that even the very widely known supporters of Him are speaking against Him or are expressing their angst over His image-building initiatives amid the pandemic’s worst-ever days in India. Thank you Mr Anupam Kher! But the Covid-19 crisis in India is way more serious now.

5. Worst or missing governance

The country is in the hands of God. Yes, officially there is a Prime Minister, a Home Minister, a Supreme Court and there is a President as well, but still, the government is missing. There is no State to take care of you as its tax-paying and law-abiding citizen. People see no clarity in any of the steps the Centre takes. There is no realistic thought or logic behind any of their decisions, be it launching vaccination for all adult citizens when the stock is insufficient for elders itself or setting the gap between two doses of a particular vaccine or framing a feasible vaccine policy, ordering for enough doses, abiding by the advices or cautions of virologists and experts or even running a very basic mobile app error-free.

Still, if you think, the government is doing enough to end Covid-19 crisis in India and doesn’t deserve harsh criticism, then, let us tell you, the enablers of fascism are more dangerous than the openly fascists.

(views are personal)


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