Shaheen Bagh Dadi Bilkis Bano

82-Yr-Old Shaheen Bagh Dadi Stopped by Delhi Police From Joining Farmers’ Protests

82-year-old Bilkis Bano, who became the face of the anti-CAA protests at Shaheen Bagh early this year, was detained by Delhi Police yesterday for supporting the ongoing farmers' protests. On Tuesday, the police personnel...
Indian moral policing

Moral policing: 6 recent incidents that prove Indian society’s narrow & judgmental psyche

Here comes another important issue that the mainstream media is ignoring a big time. The issue is all about individual freedom, identity and respect. It is about the basic right of every human being...
Challenges in distributing covid vaccine in India

Vaccines are almost ready, but is India ready to use them for its huge...

Right from cold storage infrastructure to equal and effective distribution of vaccines, the task ahead of all stakeholders is humongous. Can India survive the challenges? Read on to know more.

Nitish Kumar to take oath as Chief Minister of Bihar

On Monday, for the fourth time, Nitish Kumar vowed as the Bihar chief minister in Patna. Amit Shah, Union Home Minister and J P Nadda will be attending the oath ceremony, the Rashtriya Janata Dal.  The party...
India elections US

Here are 6 things India can learn from the US over its elections

Like all far-right rulers, Trump’s first task was to bring fault lines to the surface and then exploit them for electoral benefit. To watch the system push back in this moment of change is remarkable. But what about India? Do we learn? Read on.
India Pakistan

6 points on Pakistan’s major political crisis: Is it India’s gain?

Will PM Imran Khan lose his position? Or can India reap any benefit out of this? We don't know yet, but India's arch-rival is surely passing through some major developments. Read the full article to know more.
Facebook Twitter

Impact of Facebook & Twitter’s censorship: Issue explained in 7 points

As we know social media platforms could tweak their algorithms to curb the spread of misinformation, but many are claiming that they are going beyond their limits. And these sites are imposing censoring as per their own guidebook. Read on to know more.
Indian ads

7 old ads on Indian television that teach us secularism today

Just around 5 or 10 years ago, India tv channels saw many ads that showed beautiful unity between different religions and cultures. Nobody ever sought for those commercials' removal. It means things have changed and intolerance grew like wildfire in just the past 2 or 3 years. Read on to know more.
India global

Here are 6 recent shameful incidents that ruin India’s image at global level

As we all know India made it to the global headlines when it developed a grim GDP mark of -23.9% very recently. But the major issues that have happened since then are too dark and stoops our head low in the international platform. Read the full article to know more
India religious

Religious fundamentalism is destroying India: Explained in 6 points

The fundamentalist religious ideology propagates caste system, create division between people on the basis of their class, social status, education, economic background and several other factors. The same religious fundamentalism gives birth to religious intolerance. Read the full article to know more.