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Karnataka couple’s unique initiative to protect non-migratory birds during summer

Gautham Kiraganduru and his wife Sumana started the ‘Hakkigondu Gutuku’ (a drop to the birds) campaign from March 10.

A couple in Karnataka’s Kodagu has started a campaign to protect the non-migratory birds during the peak summer season, using selfie culture and social media as their weapon.

The couple is urging the residents across the state to keep aside a bowl of water for the birds during summer.

Gautham Kiraganduru and his wife Sumana started the ‘Hakkigondu Gutuku’ (a drop to the birds) campaign from March 10. The campaign received positive responses from many residents across the state, including children. The couple, known for their social works, established ‘Namma Pratishtana’ firm in the district and is promoting various eco-friendly activities, reported The New Indian Express.

“Birds are an important part of the ecosystem and they ensure balance in the environment. There is a need to promote and preserve the bird species. Hence, to protect the birds during the summer season, we have started this initiative where we have requested the participants to set up a DIY arrangement to feed birds. The residents have to keep some water and grains for the birds and then click a selfie alongside this setup. We will pick the three best pictures and honour the winners with prizes,” explained Gautham.

The initiative to save the non-migratory birds has not only grabbed the attention of the residents of Kadagu, but also the residents across the state including Davanagere, Uttara Kannada, Dharawad, Bellary, Hassan, and Shivamogga among others. “We have received numerous selfie photographs of people setting up the bird feeders. Also, international kickboxer Girish R Gowda has extended support to this initiative,” added Gautham.

According to Gautham, various trekkers are also participating in this initiative. They are setting up feeders across several spots.

Last year, the couple signed up for body donation during their wedding ceremony. They printed Kannada books with works of unrecognized writers and shared them as wedding invitations, instead of distributing wedding invitation cards with low shelf-life. They grabbed the attention of netizens when they over 1,000 different saplings and distributed the same as wedding gifts to the guests.

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