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[Watch] This Odisha forest officer dancing in first rain after wildfires will make you smile

Netizens are all smiles after the video of a forest officer dancing in the rain in Odisha's Similipal went viral.

RNetizens are all smiles after the video of a forest officer dancing in the rain in Odisha’s Similipal went viral. In the video, Sneha Dhal is seen dancing, with a big, warm smile on her face, and her hands outstretched, celebrating the arrival of rain after raging wildfires destroyed large tracts of the Simlipal National Park over the course of more than a couple of weeks.

“Give us more rain,” Dhal, a forest officer from Odisha, says in the video and she welcomes the downpour.

To the horror of people and the concern of environmental activists, vast tracts of Simlipal National Park in Mayurbhanj district and other wildlife habitats nearby were devastated by the massive fire.

Dr Yugal Kishore Mohanta, who shared the footage on Twitter, said that Dhal was “finally happy” with the arrival of rain. She was involved in firefighting efforts at the forest. 

Senior officer Ramesh Pandey also shared the video clip on Twitter, writing that as per the current MODIS satellite data, the fire has been brought under control.

The footage has been viewed more than 1.7 lakh times on the microblogging platform.

Last week, the Odisha government confirmed that no life was lost in the forest fire. It further said that 95 per cent of the fire points have been extinguished or at least attended to.

Last week, Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said that a committee of experts is being sent to help the state government manage incidents of forest fires.

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