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Karnataka: 2 people made to travel 80 km to pick up pizza boxes they threw on the road

Two people in Madikeri in Karnataka had to travel back 80 kilometres to pick up trash after they threw pizza boxes on the road.

Bangalore Mirror reported that the two littered the street with pizza boxes while travelling. The boxes were spotted by the General Secretary of Kodagu Tourism Association, who, along with other members of the Kadagadalu gram panchayat had cleaned up the littered area.

He opened one of the boxes and found one of the tourist’s numbers.

“I was keeping a close watch in the area to curb the garbage menace on our hill station. When I was returning to my home on Friday, at around 2.15 pm, I noticed some pizza packets tossed on the side of the road. I felt like all our efforts were in vain. So, I decided to open up the packet and luckily found a bill which had the person’s phone number. I called up the person and requested him to return to the spot and pick up the waste,” the General Secretary said.

He said that although the man apologised for littering the street, he refused to come back and pick up the trash.

“However, the person on the phone apologised but refused to come as back as they were already out of Kodagu. So, I called up the local police inspector who too tried to convince the youths without any success. Then, we resorted to using social media campaign, and we managed to get them back and correcting the wrong,” he added.

After the number was shared on social media by the officials, several people called them up and urged them to clean the area. In the end, they returned at around 3:45 PM and picked up the trash.

“They had travelled back around 80 km from Madikeri. We were worried that they would once again throw the garbage up ahead, so we wrote their phone numbers and names on the packet, as a warning,” the General Secretary of Kodagu Tourism Association said.

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