“Abuse is the fault of the abuser” : Pranaadhika Sinha Devburman, child abuse activist


Pranaadhika Is from Kolkata, at the age of 10 she decided to do something that could create a change and wanted to fight against child sexual abuse. She started a campaign 1 million against sexual abuse where people from all over could come forward and fight against the abuse.

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In Conversation with Pranaadhika Sinha Devburman

‘Abuse is the fault of the abuser’, Pranaadhika Sinha Devburman. Read more about her: https://bit.ly/2S9jbsx

Posted by Platocast on Sunday, September 27, 2020

The campaign started getting more responses from June 1, 2015. The main concept of this campaign was to spread awareness on sexual violence and prevent it by educating people.

Pranaadhika said, “I have been an activist for over 23 years now. I am also an Entrepreneur in one of the first tattoo studio in India owned by women. I run a campaign against child sexual abuse. The basic idea of 1 million against abuse came up when I was sexually assaulted had to deal with it alone and, I don’t think that anybody deserves to be alone when they go through any kind of trauma.  I wanted to create a 1 million-strong network of people from all backgrounds to support and create awareness or at  least to just listen to what the Survivor has to say.”

She talks about her childhood and expressed that she had an amazing childhood but one dark incident in her life that kept her worried.


She said, “I had a wonderful childhood with amazing parents. I was adopted and,  I was told that since my childhood. I was a very hyper and confident kid. Despite the abuse, I had an amazing childhood.”


She was going through terrible trauma but she didn’t stop there. She realised that it was horrible and wanted to create awareness about the incident that is happening with many.

” The sexual abuse was horrible. This made me start what I am doing right now. I would like to say that without the love of my parents I would have not realised my worth as a human being. I believe that the other people also deserve the same,” she added.


She wants to spread a message that the clothing and religion This is not the reason encourages someone to ourselves or abuse anyone.


She said, “people who experience sexual abuse haven’t been said that the fault is not yours. Don’t let anybody shame you into thinking that, oh, my god if I had not worn such clothes this wouldn’t have happened. There are 10-year-old babies to senior citizens that up are being sexually abused.”

Despite good comments for her work she also received negative responses.


She said, “My family was so supportive of the work I was doing. A lot of people also commented that why are you working related to a sensitive topic. Many also asked oh, is this the new way to seek attention.”


She also mentioned that mental health is more important and people were going through trauma should approach a mental health professional to seek help.


“Get help from a qualified therapist if you’re going through mental health issues after sexual abuse. There is no shame in seeking mental health support. Chin up there is hope and it’s not your fault,” she said.

She talking about her future mentioned, ” I aspire to be a productive and incredible human being. I want to create change in the country. I have earned 103 certificates in various fields. At present, I’m trying to  up-skill myself.”


At last, she spends a message that by suggesting people not to take online harassment lightly as it’s a crime.


She said, ” these people won’t stop until you take an action against them. I have a petition on change.org and Maneka Gandhi has signed this petition along with 1.5 lakh response. I need 1 million responses to this petition.”

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