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Presenting Shehnai with a modern touch.. Ankit Patel

Even if the world ends, the music will still be alive and, it holds no boundaries. Ankit Patel, well known as Shehnai Guy is trending on social media with a huge fan following for keeping the Indian classical instrument Shehnai alive with a modern touch.

In conversation with Platocast, Ankit said ,” Shehnai is a suppressed instrument and not into the mainstream. Traditional ‘Shehnai’ is a folk instrument in India. For the younger generation, it may seem boring but it is extremely versatile in Indian classical instrument.”

Check out the video here:

In Conversation with Ankit Patel

Ankit Patel, popular as Shehnai guy is striving to keep the traditional Shehnai alive with his midas touch. Read more: https://bit.ly/32VnQ6G


Posted by Platocast on Friday, September 4, 2020


His aim and passion are to bring Shehnai into the mainstream. Hence, he approached his listeners through a hip hop and classical mix. People from across the world started to recognise and appreciate his work. “It’s been a great journey and has been phenomenal so far.” To attract the new generation he speaks in their language through the instrument as not everyone appreciates Indian classical music. “So many different flavours with this instrument. I am on the mission to show the world about these different flavours,” he said.

Ankit said,” Soon after the lockdown I found myself having more time which led me to put my efforts and soul in playing the instruments.”  Ankit started his channel less than a year ago. He just put up one video and created another this led him as a social media sensation.

His idea of starting the channel was primarily to keep the instrument alive. He has received many compliments that have kept him going.  He said, ” My intention is purely for the instrument. Few people said that they connect with my music or I had cancer you make me happy with your music.”

In his opinion, Shehnai is extremely difficult. He believes in improving and getting better over time by practising. He says, ” I will learn the instrument until a certain level that is good enough to have the world appreciate the instrument. I don’t see myself performing in a classical stage but, I do see myself bringing the instrument out in a creative and modern way. While staying true to its roots and culture.”

He is the first one from his family to get into music. He shares, “When I was about five or six my parents got me a small keyboard when we were in England. At that time I enjoyed playing and messing around with it. I never took formal classes to learn. I watched people, experimented and spent time on it. When I was twelve or thirteen I started to play more at temples.”

Ankit as a child has been playing the keyboard an also he considers himself as a professional keyboard player. “I picked up Shehnai about seven-eight years ago.  I have always had a fascination towards this instrument ever since I was a kid listening to it, especially in bhajans and the feel that approaches got me to this extent. I decided one day that I want to learn Shehnai. I have been learning since then and have been great” Ankit shares.

He urges everyone to stay true to their passion and be open-minded. “There are beauty and talent all over. Stick to your passion,” Ankit shares a message to the budding artists.

He sees himself doing the concerts, shows and go on world music tour as Shehnai guy.

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