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Pushpa Preeya: The woman who has proven to be an accessible hand for the disabled

Imagine a person providing their helping hands, for those who are disabled and willing to achieve their educational goals. Pushpa Preeya is one such human. She is a scribe and has written almost 850 exams in the past thirteen years for disabled people. A scribe is a person that copies documents, especially to copy documents before printing was invented. Taking up such an effort is a huge responsibility and it demands a lot of courage and sacrifice but most importantly, selflessness and Pushpa Preeya have managed to make it all possible with her sheer confidence.

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In Conversation with Pushpa Preeya

Meet Pushpa Preeya, She is a scribe and has written almost 850 exams in the past thirteen years for disabled people. Read more about her: https://bit.ly/3n4ayx0

Posted by Platocast on Monday, November 9, 2020

On the occasion of International Women’s Day in 2018, she was facilitated with Nari Shakti Puraskar. Based out of Bengaluru, life wasn’t easy growing up with financial constraints. Being the only earning member of the family after her father’s demise, she has been jumping back and forth between family and social responsibility. Which is why she understands the value and strength of education so well. Over the years this experience has made her a very strong woman.

While speaking to Platocast about her journey, Pushpa Preeya said: “Initially when I started scribing, I never took it up as a passion. Not so many people knew about it as well. All I wanted to do was help people because education is so important to everyone, with personal experience, even I had difficulty with my education to go ahead, and at that time someone provided me a helping hand and because of the memory of that situation motivated me to take up scribing.”

Pushpa Preeya started scribing in 2007 and it has been thirteen years that she has been doing it. The experience of all these years has developed her in many ways, in terms of personality and knowledge. “Normally as humans we lack patience, but the amount of patience it takes to write for someone gave me so much knowledge and I improved myself a lot.” She writes for people who are mentally challenged, those who are visually impaired, have cerebral palsy, also those who are affected with down syndrome, and people who have met with an accident.

Being in the IT profession for 6.5 years, Pushpa Preeya is now planning on opening up her own organization where she can help people who suffer from disability problems and other mental illnesses. She is not only a helping hand for those in need, but she is also their listening ear. In a TED talk speech, she said, “The visually impaired people want to write with their mind, but their hands cannot support their actions.”

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