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Raghavendar Askani: founder of the Youth Parliament Program

A social entrepreneur, promoting Youth Empowerment and Youth Politics for the betterment of Youth in India, such a person is Raghavendar Askani. He is the founder and general secretary of the Youth Parliament Program (YPP), also the organizer of the YPP Leadership Bootcamp (LBC) also, a Co-founder and director at Swatantrata, which is an Indian Public Policy think-tank based which focuses on ideologies that lead to human flourishment.

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In Conversation with is Raghavendar Askani,

Raghavendar Askani, founder and secretary of Youth Parliament Program (YPP). Read more about him: https://bit.ly/2SX3oxu

Posted by Platocast on Thursday, October 15, 2020

Born into a middle-class family in Wanaparty, Raghavendar is a postgraduate in Economics and a bachelor’s in Political Science and Economics. He has been actively engaging in social services with Youth through various youth organizations, research think tanks, and international networks that work on education, governance, and democracy. Raghavendar Askani has submitted a policy on the education system to the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) as an initiative to change the face of the education system in India.

Raghavendar has worked as a national Coordinator in one of the most influential youth organizations in the anti-corruption movement, known as the Youth for Better India. He also worked for Loksatta/Foundation for Democratic Reforms (FDR). Before this, he was a Development Consultant, working with various Indian and International non-profit organizations that operate in the areas of policy development, economic growth, and Entrepreneurship education. Raghavendar has represented the Indian organizations in more than 20 international conferences and workshops in the United States, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and France.

As an ambition to change the Indian policy system, we have submitted a Policy on the Right to service act, Agriculture Policy, Education Policy to the parliamentary standing committee, which stands as an example to empower the youth by educating them about the parliamentary methodology and it processes.

Raghavendar Askani believes that every aspirational nation needs a band of committee youngsters with character, competence, and a deeper understanding of our democracy, institutions, and good governance. India has immense potential for economic growth, being in this pandemic situation, he is focused on the National Education Policy 2020, and its further implementation.

With conviction Askani believes that: “We can’t be a developed nation by focusing too much on welfare and thereby creating dependents, I believe in empowerment and I believe it with the conviction that each and every citizen can contribute to the progress of our nation. Each and every step I take will be an endeavor to bring out the hidden and untapped potential of India, our human potential.”

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