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Ratan Tata — an epitome of humbleness and a blessing for our furry friends

Although Ratan Tata’s list of achievements is far from any end of recognition, these awards are secondary to him when it comes to the well-being of his dogs.

In a world full of darkness and cruelty, we tend to rely on people who show us the light. We want to look up to our leaders and other people in the power positions, but to our dismay, we are often disappointed by politicians who justify rape and celebrities who make insensitive comments.

In a world full of such despondency, there is a man who has been the epitome of sensitivity, humbleness, honesty and visions — Ratan Naval Tata.

The Tata Group was founded by the pioneer Jamsetji Tata in 1868. Ratan Tata, the man behind the immense growth and the creator of innovative technologies, has marked a difference in the business field like never before.

Ratan Naval Tata is a great philanthropist. About 66% of his share is vested in charitable trusts. He has secured various educational institutions and hospitals for the upliftment of the nation.

Besides being known worldwide as a great industrialist, Ratan Tata is a man known for his compassion for animals. Despite huge responsibilities and the weight of several burdens on his shoulder, Tata has amazed us time and again with his simple, down-to-earth nature, with a huge heart that beats for animals that are so often mistreated and abandoned.

In the most recent example, Tata shared a post on Instagram urging netizens to adopt an injured dog named Sprite.

“You have helped me generously and successfully twice before and for that I am grateful. I am requesting you to help me once again to find a loving family for Sprite, who has been through a lot and his hind legs are paralyzed after an accident,” Ratan Tata wrote.

Although Ratan Tata’s list of achievements is far from any end of recognition, these awards are secondary to him when it comes to the well-being of his dogs.

In February 2018, Prince Charles had organized an event to give Ratan Tata a lifetime achievement award for philanthropy at Buckingham Palace. This is when Tata called and informed that he would not be able to attend the investiture as one of his dogs, Tito, had fallen sick.

To this, Prince Charles had reportedly said: “That’s a man!”

Coming to the Tata Group headquarters, Ratan Tata has thoughtfully allotted a part of the Bombay House premises to his furry friends. This is an open secret — the building has been home to several stray dogs for many years now, thanks to Ratan Tata’s love for the creatures.

One could earlier see the dogs sleeping in the reception area or the security guards’ cabin. However, now our friends have a room of their own in Bombay House 2.0.

Starting from a flap door at the base of the main door of the room for the dogs to move in and out at will, to a separate bathing area for their weekly Saturday baths, the kennel is equipped to tend to the needs of every member of the pack.

There is an abundance of toys, chewies, feeding bowls and dog biscuits. A daily supply of boiled meat comes from the kitchens at the Taj.

Tata’s Instagram account is like a book that takes us through the journey of a man who has dedicated a major part of his life to ensure that these animals are treated as well as we humans are. His compassion for dogs has led him to invest heavily in protecting and securing the strays.

His Instagram account has become a platform for dog lovers to connect and put in a collective effort to protect the animals.

In several posts, Tata has urged people to open their doors to abandoned dogs.

In one such post, he uploaded a picture of a Labrador and wrote: After having changed families multiple times, “Sur” no longer has a family to look after her. One can still see the spirit and love she carries and the hope to belong somewhere. It is heartbreaking to get attached to someone never to see them again. The last time, all of you generously helped me find Myra a loving family. I hope together we can do the same for “Sur”. If you think you can open your home to her, or know someone who can, give it some serious thought and fill in the link in my bio. I truly wait for the day when we no longer have to do this again. #onehomeatatime”.

Posting a picture of another abandoned dog, Myra, Tata wrote: “Of all the different sufferings that animals today have to go through, my heart truly breaks for the ones that get abandoned by families. I cannot imagine what must go through their minds when one day they have a home, and the next they don’t. The kindness in 9 month old Myra’s eyes still stays after being abandoned, and I could really use your help in finding her a family. Please don’t be hasty in making this decision, but if you know someone or if you are that someone willing to make her believe in us again, please fill the link in my bio #onehomeatatime”.

In a world full of hate and misery, Ratan Tata restores our faith in humanity.

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