On Earth Day, meet the IRS officer who has started tree hospital & ambulance service in Amritsar


Opening a tree hospital is one of the many initiatives taken up by Rohit Mehra -- he has been working on various sustainable ideas.

Every day is an important day to engage in discussions on critical environmental issues plaguing the earth. Every day is an important day to take part in civic activities.

But on Earth Day, April 22, the whole world comes together to raise awareness about natural processes, emerging green technologies and discuss innovative ideas to restore the world’s ecosystems.

The theme of Earth Day 2021 is “Restore Our Earth”.

Discussions, however, are hardly fruitful until you start to act and bring about a change. The earth is in danger with problems like pollution, global warming and deforestation posing a major threat to nature. The earth needs us now more than ever.

The call of the earth, ignored by many, was answered by IRS officer Rohit Mehra. Rohit is known for popularising the concept of micro-gardens and seed balls, and using plastic bottles to create vertical gardens. He has taken it upon himself to help nature heal.

His latest innovation is the creation of the country’s first tree hospital and ambulance service in Amritsar.

Opening a tree hospital is one of the many green initiatives taken up by Rohit — he has been working tirelessly on various sustainable ideas to preserve the earth’s greenery, and encourage eco-friendly, low-cost lifestyle ideas.

Talking about the tree hospital, Rohit Mehra tells Platocast: “The health of human beings is dependent on the health of plants and trees, and this initiative will safeguard our greenery. There are 32 kinds of services that the tree hospital and ambulance service provides, including removal of outgrowths, tree guards, nails, transplantation services for heritage trees, immunity boosters for plants and trees. Expert advice and care is also given to those who need it.”

“The residents seem very interested in the services. An e-rickshaw has been converted into a green ambulance, and it stocks plant medication that might be needed, as well as the required equipment,” he adds.

On Earth Day, meet the IRS officer who has started tree hospital & ambulance service in Amritsar


On Earth Day, meet the IRS officer who has started tree hospital & ambulance service in Amritsar

Rohit is also doing his bit to raise awareness in the local community on the preservation of green belt.

“Within a month of starting the service, my volunteers and I have already received over 300 queries, including people calling us to save their plants from insect attacks and giving them immunity boosters. We help people preserve trees that have been affected due to concretisation. We also unposion plants,” says Rohit.

“There are so many issues posing serious threats to the earth. Just like the earth nourishes us, it is our duty to nourish what nature gives us. Plants and trees need care and nourishment just as much as you and I do,” he adds.

Rohit plans to expand the initiative of tree hospital and ambulance service to other cities, including Ludhiana.


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