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Sai Sethu’s ‘On the Ground’, Will Bring You The Stories In Just 99 Seconds

He started the social media channel ' On the Ground' to inspire, impact and educate. The short and crisp form of video stories is created by Sai Sethu, single-handedly as he shoots, edits and writes on his own.

Sai Sethu’s On the Ground’ will bring you the crisp form of grass root stories of people, place and many other in India. Meet, an engineer turned journalist who was inspired by Nas Daily of Nuseir Yassin from Israel. He creates unique videos from all over India and tells stories in 99 seconds through his project “ On the Ground”.

Image: ontheground.99/ Instagram

Sai Sethu, a 25-year-old, tend to follow his passion and believes that telling a good story needs just 99 seconds. The videos that he creates are usually of people, places and so on. He has been making such videos on his project, ‘On The Ground and posted his 100th video on August 4th, 2020.

An Engineer To A Journalist 

A Coimbatore based young man turned into a journalist after completing Mechanical Engineer at Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT). He pursued journalism at Asian College of Journalism (ACJ), Chennai.

Image: ontheground.99/Instagram

Sethu said, “People inspired me to make these videos. I wanted to focus on real-life stories. I went on a journey where I started to find ordinary Indians with extraordinary stories. The focus of my channel is people, places and ideas.”

He said, “I have created Facebook and Instagram channel named On the Ground.99.”

“The reason why I choose to tell stories in 99seconds is that the attention span of people lesser as they don’t watch lengthy videos. I wanted to tell stories in a short span and add some value to it. Ninety-Nine seconds is a lot of time to tell a good story,” he further added.

Image: psy.sethu/Instagram

Sai Sethu’s On the Ground’

Sai Sethu’s On the Ground’ stories are of unique character, it’s different and incomparable. It is a one-person channel as he shoots, edits and writes on his own.

Sethu said, “I have taken it as a full-time job, I do everything from research, writing, editing to filming the videos. It is a lot of commitment and dedication since I do all it alone. Finding these stories through research is quite challenging because these stories are rare and unique.”

“I started my channel because I wanted to tell stories that can inspire, impact and educate people. I am looking to build a community that supports one another with a positive impact. I pick a story based on the four concepts that are to Inspire, Interest, Impact and Inform,” he said in a conversation with the Platocast.

Image: psy.sethu/Instagram

His videos have about 3,00,000 to 4,00,000 viewers on Instagram and 2 to 3 million viewers on Facebook. He plans to create more videos and work on building a YouTube channel. He is planning to collaborate if any come forward to work with him.

He talking about his plan said, “One year from now, I will be still creating 99-seconds video throughout India but, I aspire to develop a mass audience throughout India that could relate to y content. I hope my videos reach at least one per cent of the Indian population.”

“For all the people who want to do something out of the box, believe in yourself. Commit your whole heart into what you are doing. Set up a certain discipline for following your passion, the rest of it will automatically come through,” he said.

His dedication towards his vision and mission is an example to all the youth who wants to do accomplish their dream.

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