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Saurav Chordia, the man who designed IAF’s ‘patch’ of honour

A badge that is worn by the brave officials of the RAFALE Air Craft is designed by an aviation enthusiast, or as he calls himself, an “aviation freak” Saurav Chordia. It has been more than four years since Saurav has been designing patches, nearly 400-500 throughout his career. He got the opportunity to design the patches for the first RAFALE squadron of the Indian Air Force, which is the 17th squadron. And that lifted Saurav’s career in this field.

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In Conversation with Saurav Chordia

Saurav Chordia, the man who designed IAF’s ‘patch’ of honour. Read more: https://bit.ly/35CR4Z6

Posted by Platocast on Thursday, October 29, 2020

While speaking with Platocast about his work and interests, he said: “I design patches, which are basically worn by those working at the aviation field and those who fly the aircraft. These badges reflect the morale and professional valor of an Air force official.” He is a 3D designer based in Delhi, working for a gaming company, and his interests and hobbies revolve a lot around creating aviation art, digital art, and 3D designing of certain war sequences in the games.

“Last year on the 8th of October, our Defence Minister Rajnath Singh was in France to take a flight in one of the aircraft, and when the pictures of that came out, I saw that our defense minister was wearing the badge I had designed and that was the best moment for me. I always wanted to be an air force pilot, but unfortunately due to my weak eye-sight I couldn’t, but at least I could see something which I created is directly related to the Air Force, this will always be a morale booster for me.”

On asking what his future plans are, Saurav Chordia said: “There are many dreams, but the most important one is that at least once in my life I want to travel to Russia and experience a flight in the fighter plane even if it is for a very short period. Apart from that, I would like to give a message to all the budding talents out there, it is not possible that everything you dream might come true, but there is always an alternative to serve your purpose. Like I couldn’t be in the Air Force due to my weak eye-sight, but that did not let me down. Today I know that even if I am not the one to fly a fight a plane, at least something of my creation is flying with the Air Force pilots, and that has always been a morale booster for me.”

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