Discovery of oldest water on earth; how it is helpful in finding unanswered questions of mankind


Discovery of oldest water on earth can lead to reveal unanswered questions of mankind and proves how life in subsurface areas of Mars exists in groundwater. 

As Barbara Sherwood Lollar sent water samples to a colleague from Oxford University for research, she realized this isn’t ordinary water. On a visit to Glencore’s Kidd Creek, she spotted the water sample in 1992. She retrieved Earth’s older water from a distance of 2.4 kilometres below the ground and, tests were carried out in 2009 with the mean age of 1.6 billion years, the old age of the samples, taken from a mine in northern Timmins.

Oldest Water Discovery

Image: (Martin Lipman/NSERC)

The study says that the researcher, who was unsure of the precise age of water at the time, had submitted a sample from Oxford University in the UK, informing her that their mass spectrometer had failed. Four years of research then took the sample and eventually settled at the number of 1.6 billion years.

In Ontario, Canada, Kidd Creek Mine is close to Timmins. Mine can produce copper, zinc, indium, silver-bearing slimes, SO2, and more.  It is owned and run by Glencore, a Swiss company. Glencore says that the Kidd mine is a lot lower than most base-metal mines on earth (3012m and more). Through research and observation, they found that the oldest water on the earth is 1.6 billion years old.

Tests included the analysis of the noble radiation gasses such as helium and xenon. In addition, there have been discovered chemolithotrophic life microbes in the water. The microbes had hydrogen and sulphate. The first revealing indication that the liquid found was a billion-year-old is the ‘musty smell’ according to Lollar. 

The billions of years old liquid has a musty odour.

Who is Dr Barbara Sherwood Lollar?

Dr Sherwood Lollar
Image: Sherwood Lollar (Stable Isotope Lab/University of Toronto)

The geochemist has been dedicatedly working on researches of the world’s deepest mines, extracting the water which are millions of years old. 

Dr Barbara Sherwood Lollar, 58-year-old is a Canadian geologist and scientist noted for investigations into the billions of years-old water from CC FRSC FRS. She is presently a professor at the University of Toronto, Department of Earth Science.

Process of discovering “Oldest water on Earth” 

The path from the surface to the water supply takes up to one hour, according to operations manager Ryan Roberts. The scientists go on a similar journey as the miners who work there: a two-storey cage elevator with 140 employees on board; a 1.5-kilometer battery train; a second double-decker cage; and a cork torch ramp – one of the longest in the world at 24 km – at a depth of 377 m. 

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Findings of Oldest water in Canada

Sherwood Lollar says this: “One of the world’s most deep and longest scientific observers for fluids and deeper microbiology” Glencore is making the room available on another superlative feature. The walls are warm and water is 25°C minimum. 

Robert mentions the science project of 1963. Just miners dig so thoroughly as their case warrants. Yet he wonders at what Sherwood Lollar’s work encouraged. He says “It is not a natural occurrence to reach that depth. They’re people who took us there.”

Use of “Oldest water discovery” in Mars

Representative Image
Image: Canva

The Canadian Precambrian Shield that stocks huge deposits of minerals is 2.7 billion years old and they had once formed a surface of the ocean. They were horizontal before and is now vertical. The rock walls of the ramp roll down a thousand-year-old seabed tour. 

The earth’s crust flows continuously, with just a hundred million years, and its oldest known ocean floor. The unshaken Shield is now the nearest counterpart of the earth to the subsurface of Mars that was never subsumed by tectonic forces. There is a good possibility of the same thing on the Red Planet if water will produce life. 

She conducted a new research in which she and other scientists have shown that results clearly how life in subsurface areas of Mars exists in groundwater. The findings from Lollar have gained momentum again.

Lollar has published a study and has confirmed that on Mars, and the earth consists groundwater presence. Many Martian meteorites have proved itself capable of supporting the bacteria found under the Earth in the ancient isolated water underground.

One of the greatest unanswered questions of mankind can be revealed by the discovery of billion-year-old water. 


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