New super Earth only takes 2.4 days to complete an orbit


Astronomers finds a new super planet which can complete a year in just two days and suitable for human survival.

Astronomers appear to have discovered a planet, a new super-earth of 36 light-years. A student of the Canary Islands’ Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias has discovered a new super-earth, which is orbiting a red dwarf called the GJ 740. A roundabout around the star takes just 2.4 days. 

New super-earth

The Earth takes 365.24 days to complete one year but the newly discovered planet takes lesser than a week to complete one rotation – which exactly takes two days, nine hours and thirty minutes. 

Talking about the newly found super-earth Borja Toledo Padron, the first author of the report published in Astronomy & Astrophysics said, “This is the planet with the second shortest orbital period around this type of star.”

As it has a massive size it is said to be super-Earth. At least twice the size of the Super-Earth and 10 times the mass of our own. The ice giants in the Solar System, Neptune and Uranus are also lighter. So they don’t have to consist of rocks necessarily. They may also be composed of gas or both. 

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This super-earth about GJ 740 has three times the Earth’s mass—a little less than Neptune, after Jupiter, Saturn or Uranus, the fourth biggest planet in our solar system. 

Astronomers see a lot of red dwarfs and in the Milky Way.  In some experiments, three-quarters of the galaxy’s stars are estimated by red dwarfs.   

The ‘cool’ stars of the Universe are also known as red dwarfs. The new super-Earth size is the smallest and their temperature is the lowest.

The concern is that the ‘habitable area’ of the new super-earth is much smaller around the star. And the closest planet is to the red dwarf, the more likely it is that the mare will close. When the earth rotates at the same velocity as its star. As a consequence, on one hand, the star is always facing and boiling, the temperature is always cold at night from another. 

Humans can survive

Even then, the Earth or Venus atmosphere may compensate for these variations in the temperature of the new super-earth. In 2013, models found that Red Dwarfs’ atmosphere would lead to life under the right conditions. The sun appears even brighter and instead of green there may be black trees, but people could live.


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