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Monday, April 12, 2021

Seema Dhaka, a Delhi police officer, promoted before time for finding 76 missing children in three months

In a first, a Delhi police officer has been promoted before the time for finding 76 missing children in nearly three months under a new incentive scheme. Seema Dhaka, posted as head constable at northwest Delhi’s Samaypur Badli Police station “is the first police personnel of Delhi Police, who has been given OTP (out-of-turn promotion) for tracing missing children under the incentive scheme,” NDTV quoted the Delhi Police as saying in a statement.

Dhaka has traced 76 missing children and 56 of them are below the age of 14 years. “These missing children have been traced not only from Delhi but from other states as far as Punjab and West Bengal,” the official statement said, underlining Seema Dhaka’s “sincere and painstaking efforts”.

Social media was flooded with congratulatory messages for Dhaka.

The official statement said that the new incentive scheme came into effect on August 5. “In order to motivate the police personnel to trace or recover the children, who have gone missing from their home, the Commissioner of Police issued an incentive scheme on 5th August’ 2020 to the effect that …any Constable/Head Constable who recovers 50 or more missing children below the age of 14 years (15 children out of them of the age group less than 08 years) within a period of 12 calendar months will be considered for the grant of out of turn promotion”.”

“The order order has brought a sea change in tracing or recovery of missing children and more and more children have been traced since August’ 2020,” the statement read, stressing that “by recovering the children, the police has not only brought back joy in the aggrieved families, but also prevented a young impressionable mind to be misused or exploited for undesirable activities.

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