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“Smoking is a choice, Littering isn’t,” Chalk of Shame campaign

Pune ploggers have come up with a new initiative, Chalk of Shame. This campaign highlights the fact that “Smoking is a choice, Littering isn’t”

How do you directly tell people who litter on the streets, without taking much verbal effort? You shame them by marking the litter they throw on the streets. This smart campaign is started by the renowned Pune Ploggers community known as the “Chalk of Shame” as a goal to identify the littering habit of smokers. The cigarette butts which are casually dropped to the ground after smoking stands as a major problem to the environment around.

“Smoking is a choice, Littering isn’t,” Chalk of Shame campaign

To all the smokers out there who throw cigarette butts on the street, “Laaz Vattey ka?” #chalkofshame

Pune Ploggers

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Posted by Platocast on Friday, November 27, 2020

The Pune Ploggers community founded by Vivek Gurav has initiated yet another mission to change people’s mindset like his previous mission of plogging. “Chalk of Shame” is basically marking a dropped cigarette butt on the street in a circle and writing a message around it. The messages around the marked cigarette butt ring read, “Smoking is a choice, Littering isn’t,” “Laaz Vattey ka?” (Which is Marathi means, don’t you feel ashamed?”). Not only do they mark the cigarette butts, but also people who spit on footpaths and roads.

The reason to start this because of the harm these cigarette butts are doing to the nature around us, or whatever is left of it, thanks to us. While speaking about this mission with Platocast, Vivek said: “Since last year with the work of plogging, we have noticed that people are littering a lot of cigarette butts across the city and this is the problem in the country and all the countries in the world. Recently we came across a report which identifies that these cigarette butts are very toxic and a threat to the environment as well because when these butts mix with soil, they cause problems for the growing tress directly harming the roots. Also, if one cigarette butt is mixed with water, it will end up polluting 50 liters of clean water.”

The toxic intensity these small little things have is lethal in nature. Which the reason Vivek and his team have launched this campaign to spread awareness and make people aware. They have met several smokers in the process to make them aware of this dangerous cause which they don’t know about, and have no realization that a cool and casual enjoyment of dropping the finished cigarette and toe-twisting it has already posed as a major threat to the environment.

This process of awareness has been quite successful because smokers have stopped littering and they are now using the dustbins. The habit of throwing cigarette butts into the waste bin should be practiced by each smoker. Speaking of personal experience, littering on the streets can charge you a penalty, as the government officials are always on the watch to see you litter despite having a dustbin near the cigarette stall. Which is a powerful impact of awareness as well.

In a final message to the viewers, Vivek Gurav said: “If you are a smoker and if you litter openly, we are here to shame you with chalk. But if you are ready to change your action, we are here to applaud your efforts for the environment. Also, this campaign isn’t talking about people’s smoking habits, because we don’t want to point out their personal choices, but keep this in mind, littering cannot be a personal choice, it’s your moral responsibility to dispose of the waste you are creating.”

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