Change mindset for inclusive workplace :Suresh Ramdas, LGBTQ activist

A Techie from Banglore who won of Mr. Gay India 2019 and Co-founder of Working with Pride is proud of his working place for the acceptability of he being gay.  Suresh Ramdas in an exclusive interview with Platocast talks about his journey of acceptance.


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In Conversation with Suresh Ramdas

Meet Suresh Ramdas, he is an LGBTQ advocate who works inclusively for the Trans community.

Posted by Platocast on Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Suresh has been working with the corporate sector for about 16 years. He shares that his company has been supporting and he is very lucky to have been working with people who accept him the way he is. But reality outside the world is not the same.


He said, “For me, my organization has been very accepting and supporting. I am very honored and lucky to have supportive colleagues and the managers for accepting me for being gay.”


” For almost 10 years I was very much in the closet and didn’t open up about my sexuality. All that changed when I came out to my parents in 2014, I felt very powerful, I was very happy and proud of myself. I attended my first pride march in 2014 in Bangalore. I came out to everybody through a Facebook post after that. I was not sacred and found a new sense of confidence,” Suresh added.


Suresh is an HP – Global Training Lead & LGBTQ ERG Chair. He is also a co-founder of Working with Pride (WWP).

He as a child has faced a lot of struggle for being gay. He was bullied and called names by the people around him.


Suresh sharing his struggle said, “In my childhood, people called me  Hijira, Chakka, and others. I was angry and upset. I cried a lot over it. I hated it when people said something about me like that. At some point, I was also suicidal. I did overcome to survive and fight. Now I don’t care or get affected by negative comments.

He has been working to create change and bring awareness about the community in and around him. After receiving Mr. Gay World 2019 title, he reached out to people in a wider way by visiting schools, colleges and conducting awareness programs about the same.


He talking to Platocast said how he confessed his parents about his sexuality, ” When I decided to come out to my parents I was prepared and planned. When I said I am gay, my parents’ reaction was, What? they were unaware so I had to explain them. They were angry, upset, and crying but at some point, I was relieved that I confessed about who I am.


He said, ” To some extent, we have seen the light after the abolishment of section 377 but it will take a long time to get rid of homophobia. Many issues need to be looked upon very immediately. Firstly, the government should conduct various awareness programs about the LGBTQ community. We need laws to protect our community and anti-discriminatory law would be very beneficial. Everyone needs to come together and show support. We need to bring change.”


” To all the LGBTQ people out there I would tell you all to hang in there, be strong and find somebody to talk to, do not lose hope,” he added.

He says accept us for who we are, we are human beings too. We want to be loved and accepted for who we are.


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