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Sushant & his telescope: Remembering the late actor’s love for astronomy

The actor even had a telescope at his house from which he would often stargaze, look at Saturn's rings, Jupiter's moons, and different galaxies.

A pair of hopeful eyes, a smile as wide as the valley of Kashmir, a heart as vast as an ocean, and thousands of dreams — Sushant Singh Rajput was not your ordinary Bollywood star. One look at him and you would be struck by his humility and kindness.

Some losses are so personal that they are very hard to get over. As Sushant left us, we mourned, but we soon retreated to our normal lives. Nothing stopped for us.

But when we look at his pictures, see him on the TV, hear his voice, it all comes rushing back to us — he has left a void that will never be filled.

A terrific actor, Sushant Singh Rajput was born today, January 21, 1986. While there’s hardly anything to be said about his role in the Bollywood industry that hasn’t already been said, Sushant’s love for astronomy — perhaps spoken about less than his passion for acting — was unparalleled.

In an old interview where Sushant shows his home to the audience, he reveals the little-known side of his life — his never-ending passion for astronomy, history, and reading. The actor even had a telescope at his house from which he would often stargaze, look at Saturn’s rings, Jupiter’s moons, and different galaxies.

Sushant had once even revealed that it was his childhood dream to become an astronaut and work at NASA. But as his dream had remained unfulfilled, Sushant helped other kids who shared his dream, by sending two of them to NASA. One of the kids even won a gold medal and is now training to become an astronaut.

Sushant had planned to send 100 more children to the space research organization in the United States.

Although the late actor dropped out of the engineering college in Delhi to chase his passion for acting, he never opted out of space science. He was, till his last day, an ardent fan of celestial transitions. Shattering the stereotypical dreams of a Bollywood star, Sushant was deeply invested in astrophysics.

Sushant’s social media handles are still a living proof of how much he enjoyed astronomy. His Twitter and Instagram handles overflow more with his passion for the space than that for his glamorous Bollywood life.

Let us take a look at some of the posts that scream of Sushant’s love for the space and the stars:

Wherever you are, Sushant, may the stars watch over you, and may peace live in your heart.

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