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Heartwarming! Tamil Nadu cop stops biker, helps him become Good Samaritan

In a heartwarming incident, a biker in Tamil Nadu was stopped by a cop who helped him be a Good Samaritan and help a woman in a bus.

Have you ever been stopped by a cop while you were riding a bike. If yes, chances are that you have been stopped for violating traffic rules.

However, in a heartwarming incident, a biker in Tamil Nadu was stopped by a cop who helped him be a Good Samaritan.

In a video that has been viewed over 15,000 times on YouTube, a cop stopped a biker who was on his way to Tenkasi in Tamil Nadu. In the video that has been uploaded on a YouTube channel named AnnyArun, we can see the police officer asking the man if he is from Karnataka.

After the officer learns that he is, he tells him that there is a state bus going ahead on the same road, from which one of the passengers had dropped her belongings. An old woman had dropped her bottle of medicine. 

The cop then asks the man to go after the bus and deliver the medicine to the old lady.

The video then shows the biker chasing the state bus, finding it and asking the driver to pull over. As the bus stops, the biker takes the bottle of medicine and hands it over to the woman who had dropped it on the road.

The video has been viewed widely and netizens have appreciated the level of trust we can see in it.

“Where is this? Everyone seems so trusting,” wrote one social media user.

“I know right. I would have rejected the cop’s request. I’d think ‘this is clearly a set up’. That’s how little trust I have for anyone else,” another replied.

Despite not knowing the old woman in the bus personally, both of them did their best to help her. In a world which is otherwise unfair and where trust is difficult to gain, both the cop and the biker restore our faith in humanity.

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