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That Mate: A friend that is always with you.

Everyone desires a mate, a person where our hearts connect and we are completely free. All of us would like to have a person with whom they can share their secrets, insecurities, problems, or seek guidance. But it was always difficult to share or ask our elders anything because it was always a taboo to bring concerns like these to light. Undoubtedly, we do have friends to talk about these things, but let’s think about it, do we have the right solutions?

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Well, Madhavi Jadhav has given us the perfect solution. That Mate is like the closest friend, answering those questions which no one has. That Mate app addresses many important problems for a teenager. While talking to Platocast about That Mate, Madhavi said: “There were questions which I had when I was growing up and I had no one to talk too. After speaking to many teenagers, I realized that the questions these teenagers have, are a taboo in our society and these kids have no one to talk to as well.”

That Mate is a platform where these kids can find safe, reliable, and age-appropriate information, which is also completely trustworthy. It covers many topics like sexual and mental health which is, without a doubt, very rarely addressed in growing teenage kids. “Sexual health is not only about the act of sex, or not just depression when we talk about mental health, there are many other topics like peer-pressure, bullying, body-shaming, addiction, the influence of social media.

These issues are, at an alarming rate changing the way kids’ mental health is developing during adolescence. So, addressing these problems at the right age, which is the teenage, will help them in taking better decisions to develop their mental and physical health. These are important human skills to be a successful adult.”

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