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The blindfolded artist sculpts beautiful Ganesha Idols

Mrs Rama Satish Shah, a 59-years-old has been dedicated over 20-years on creating lord Ganesha Idols. So, what’s so special in it? Well, she has created lakhs together of Ganesha idols and, thousands of them are made with blindfolded. Yes, you heard it right.

She is a well-known artist and has been called as ‘Ganesha Woman’. Rama has been making Lord Ganesha idols since 2000. She as, a child would make over 60 chapatis in an hour and now she has made 999 idols in 24 hours and achieved non-stop world record. She has displayed over 18,181  handmade Ganesha idols in Guinness world record.

She makes the idols in all different shapes and sizes, without using any mould and is purely hand made. In over 20 years she has made 4,54,500 Ganesha idols. Her idols are unbreakable and washable.

Rama said, ” Art was my hobby since my childhood, even after marriage I used to teach children art and craft”.

On 14 November 2014, at Sion Bhagini Samaj, Mumbai, Rama displayed her collection of 18181 unique Ganesha idols and it was identified by Guinness World Records, as the largest collection of handmade Ganesha idols.

When asked about her inspiration, she replied that she had a ”Vision of Lord Ganesha”. This led her to continue the art in the form of devotion for over 20-years.

Her artwork is recognised globally. Rama has received various awards and world records at the same time. “I have never worked for commercial profit. People place money as their devotion (shraddha) in the box (bhandar) for the Ganesha Idols and, I use them to buy materials to make new idols.”, says Rama.

Mr Satish, Rama’s husband recognised her talent and encouraged her to pursue her passion.

She has made thousands of Ganeshas with blindfolded on, whenever she sits down to make such Ganesha, Rama starts it by chanting ‘Ganesha’s shloka’. She believes that ‘beauty lies in art and serving the art sublimates the soul.’

Once the money collected was insufficient to make large idols, Rama started making small Ganesha idols. People found the small murtis to be very attractive and convenient to carry with them.

Awards & Records

Mumbai based Mrs Rama has received numerous awards for her unique achievements. She received Guinness World record in 2014, Ripley’s Believe it or not for the creation of 9999 idols in 99 days. She was published in Limca Book Records, every year. Her work was accepted by India Book of records as a National Record and Elite World Records for three times.

American Biographical Institute had selected Rama as Woman of the year in 2004 and have received many more for her extraordinary work.

Covid19 during Ganesha Chaturthi

Due to the Covid19, Ganesha Chaturti has been affected. She mentioned that there used to a huge crowd during the festival and now it has affected.

Rama said, “It used to feel like heaven when people used to visit our house to see Ganesha idols. Due to Covid-19, we take safety measures. The Ganesha idols are given away to the people downstairs, and people do understand the circumstances.”

Lastly, Rama said to the budding artists, ” Please follow your passion, take blessings from the elderly and believe in yourself.”

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