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Tikka Jaspreet Singh: Youngest world record holder to perform maximum Jump Squats

Fitness is the key to a healthy and mentally satisfying life. Now, this motivation is all around the world because many fitness icons and celebs have proudly presented their perfect body shape which is the result of their hard work and dedication. But today’s motivation does not come from a movie star, but a 14 y/o child who is a world record holder. Tikka Jaspreet Singh, from Dakoha village of Gurdaspur, Punjab is a fitness icon and a world record holder for doing 98 jump squats in 1 minute. The previous record-holder for this fitness activity was Ali Mounir from Egypt, Menofia, who completed 80 jump squats in 1 minute. While speaking to Platocast about his journey. Tikka Jaspreet Singh said: “I saw Ali Mounir’s videos on YouTube when he set the record. That motivated me to do it as well. At first, I could only complete 45 jump squats in 1 minute. Then I started practicing every day, and today I break his record by completing 98 jump squats in 1 minute.”

Watch the video:

In Conversation with TIKKA JASPREET SINGH

Meet Tikka Jaspreet Singh, he is the youngest world record holder to perform maximum Jump Squats. Read more about him: https://bit.ly/3lgdwhr

Posted by Platocast on Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Jaspreet’s father Sardar Manjit Singh Bunty and Grandfather Sardar Rajinder Singh are keenly interested in politics. The entire village is well aware of their political involvement. But, Jasram chose to walk the line of fitness and become a Youth Icon. “Since childhood I used to see my father and grandfather exercise at home, which gave me inspiration to be fit and make a name for myself.” Tikka Jaspreet Singh also stated that the best diet and best motivation one can get is your family’s support.

“I have met many people, some of them have motivated me and some have demotivated me. But, I have planned my ambition that I have to do this and I will make sure that I get it done, and since then, I am moving ahead towards my goal and I will keep progressing.” He further sent out a message to the entire country: “There is a belief that entire Punjab is a victim of regular drug consumption, I want to prove this wrong. There are so many successful people in Punjab who promote ideas against drugs. I want to make sure that this uncomfortable name is being lifted off.”

Tikka Jaspreet Singh won’t stop here, he is motivated enough to break more records and make a name for himself. His commitment to hard work every day will help him achieve his set goal and one day he will be successful.

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