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Vinda Dravid: Cat-Mom and her Curious Cat Company

We know many brands dedicated to making everyday items like t-shirts, mugs, coasters, and pins, but if you wonder what makes this one brand so special, the answer is, all these products have ‘cats’ on them! Isn’t that great? Being a feline father, this excites me way too much. Evolving from a deep love for the furry felines, Curious Cat Company is everything they represent about the cat’s curious behavior, their adventurous nature, independence, and quirky attitude.

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In Conversation with Vinda Dravid

Meet Vinda Dravid, a civil engineer turned entrepreneur and primarily a feline mother. Watch the video till the end to know more about her Curious Cat Venture!

Posted by Platocast on Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Starting off in Mumbai amidst the pandemic situation in June 2020, Curious Cat Company is the brainchild of Vrinda David, a civil engineer turned entrepreneur, a ‘Cat Mom,’ who decided on taking the leap of faith by starting her dream business. “I thought people wouldn’t spend money, sales would suffer. It was tough, supplies were restricted, low man-power and the deliveries were really slow. But despite all these constraints, the response has been really overwhelming.” Vrinda said while speaking to Platocast about her journey so far.

Curious Cat Company supports a few initiatives. Pledging to support 5% of their profits to the cat welfare organizations that adhere to taking care of abandoned or street cats and make sure they get adopted. Apart from that, they have an artist partner program where they collaborate with a variety of different artists who create art through many different mediums and a part of the revenue earned through those designs is given to the artists. Vrinda has been brave to launch her start-up during the pandemic period where many companies and start-ups are at stake.


On asking her if she sees this venture getting closer to her goals, she answered: “Goals are always changing, it depends on where you are in life and what the circumstances are. One of my goals to start my own business has been fulfilled. Now with Curious Cat, there are new sets of goals. I want to have cats on every item I can possibly dream off, I want to have lots of cats around me and also have a chain of Cat-Cafes where we can sell these merchandise, so hopefully, we’re getting there, it’s just been four-month and the journey so far has already been so amazing, so I am hoping that all these goals will gradually be achieved as well.”

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