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Virali Modi, She is a Disability Rights Activist

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In Conversation with Virali Modi

Virali Modi, a disability activist, motivational speaker, model, adventure enthusiast, and beauty pageant runner-up. Read more about her: https://bit.ly/3mj9rsQ

Posted by Platocast on Saturday, October 24, 2020

Finding a silver lining in every situation should be the motivation for many of us, regardless of what we all are going through. Now, given the pandemic situation and so many devastations around the world, is it easy? Why not, if the wheelchair she sits on is her throne and lives life queen size, why can’t the rest of us! Let’s dive into the amazingly motivational story of Virali Modi. A disability activist, motivational speaker, model, adventure enthusiast, and a beauty pageant runner-up. The 26y/o Virali Modi has been featured amongst the BBC’s top 100 women of 2017.

Virali started a campaign during the lockdown which was a petition to initiate and recognize maids under the essential services section. “I feel that in our country the elderly and the disabled are overlooked, especially when it comes to such times.” This was started as a petition which eventually turned into a campaign, further it was sent to the Home Ministry and got it approved successfully, which as a result now, maids and caretakers are now considered essential services. Virali Modi has been associated with disability rights campaigns like #mytraintoo and #rampmyrestaurant.

On asking Virali about what is the need of the hour for the specially-abled community in our society, she said: “First of all, terminate the terminology. What have we achieved by being politically correct so far? So, acknowledge the elephant in the room, a disability is a disability, move on from that topic, and let’s actually work to bring change in our society and in the country.” She further said: “So, as a society, when we see a disabled person, encouraging that person for being special or showing sympathy for their condition and asking how did it all happen is entirely unnecessary. It breaks down their spirit more and more. Most importantly why aren’t there ramps in schools for those who are physically challenged? Why are they sent to a special school? If all the schools inhabit kids who are disabled, the future generation will get accustomed to those with differences from the normal.”

While speaking to Platocast about her Journey, she said: “Before I became disabled, I had a very black and white aspect towards life. There was never a grey area, I think after my disability, I understood the importance of positivity, the law of attraction and just being true to yourself, being who you are. Life has been a struggle, but what is life without struggle.” Virali Modi believes that no experience is a bad experience, in fact, any moment in your life, you go through a bad time is also a blessing in disguise because it teaches you many things and that helps in making yourself a better person.

Due to the lockdown, and all the terrible things happening around the world, Virali has managed to lift her spirits and make sure her days are memorable during the pandemic times. “We all understand the kinds of roles our maids play in our lives. We understand the importance of family, the importance of having hobbies, just entertaining ourselves.” Virali has managed to live on her own, learning new things every day. Virali’s journey is one of kind that motivates many people to lift up their spirits and move ahead with your lives because there is so much more to live for!

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