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A 18-year-old pens down the world’s first book on Pandemic

Yash Tiwari, a Kanpur based 18-year-old, has become India’s youngest author for writing a novel on the COVID19. The book “PANDEMIC 2020: Rife Of The Virus” was launched, in the last week of May. The book is applause to all the Frontline workers. He wrote the book in just 30 days and on 15th August 2020, his name was mentioned, in the India Book of Records.

As a 16-year-old he wrote his first book, “A Celebration In Tribulation” and was chosen as the “Top 100 Inspiring Authors of India by The Indian Awaz”. He then received “Author Of The Year” award by NE8x. Yash Tiwari is studying Mass Communication at Jagran Institute of Communication. He is now widely known as the youngest author in India.  A teenager is now well known for his incredible work.

With an exclusive interview with Platocast, Yash, a youth mentor and a motivational speaker talks about his book on the pandemic and shares his insights.

Why would you write a novel on pandemic?

Pandemic is a negative term and I’m not going to shy away from that.

The only motivation to write the book is to pay tribute to the warriors of COVID19. If I Contextualise the novel the main inspiration is the sacrifices of the front line workers and covid19 warriors. It was the beginning of April, Every day I used to come across the news which was about pandemic all over the world. All of these stories of COVID19 warriors inspired me to applaud them through literature piece of work.

Pandemic is a word worth talking about. The novel lives through ages and hence I wrote the book “PANDEMIC 2020: Rife Of The Virus”.

My novel doesn’t feel like a fictional but the characters in it are fictional as I didn’t want to take the real names. The facts, figures and statistical numbers are real along with the visualisations.

How did you become and motivational speaker and a youth mentor? 

It all started two years back when I was 16-years-old when my first novel was released which I just wrote in 22 days. I started getting recognition from all around the world and received many awards.

I delivered my first TED talk in 2019 as a 17-year-old and, I was very excited. I started getting end number of positive feedbacks for just 17 minutes talk. That is what compelled and inspired me that I can create a social change and impact with the help of my words. The talk created a global level impact that’s when I decided to take it to a greater notch.

Since last year I have been invited frequently TED talks, international and national platforms, seminars and workshops to inspire, intrigue and mostly to mentor youngsters from all around the world.

How was your childhood? 

Before the age of 16, I was a shy kid in the class and an introvert. I then understood at a very early age that if I keep being the person who I am, I will not be able to break the barricades. I needed to step out of that and face everything that I was afraid of, especially communicating and interacting. I started to embrace all my fears and took my first step by communicating with the people around me.

In the end, Yash said that “The age is never an obstruction in the path of achieving success in your life. That is the motto that I follow and preach as a youth mentor as well. My age can never be a hurdle.”

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