Oxford University plans to test COVID-19 vaccine in children


They plan to enrol 300 volunteers from the age group of 6 and 17, with up to 240 obtaining the COVID-19 vaccination and the rest obtaining the control meningitis vaccine.

Oxford University plans to test COVID-19 vaccine in children for the first time, being the newest vaccine manufacturer to determine whether its injection of the COVID-19 is successful in young people.

Oxford University to test vaccine in children

The experiment made on 13 Feb 2021 plans to enrol 300 volunteers from the age group of 6 and 17, with up to 240 obtaining the COVID-19 vaccination and the rest obtaining the control meningitis vaccine.

Andrew Pollard, the chief researcher of the Oxford vaccine study, says that although most children are not critically ill with COVID-19, it is necessary for children and young people to assess the protection and immune response to the vaccination, as some adolescents can benefit from the vaccine.

Widespread use of the Oxford vaccine, which is being developed and marketed by AstraZeneca, has been approved by authorities in more than 50 countries to be used in patients over the age of 18.

COVID-19 vaccine

COVID-19 vaccinations in children are now being evaluated by several drugmakers.

In October, Pfizer, the vaccine had been approved for use in adults 16 and older, started investigating the vaccination in children as young as 12.

In December, Moderna began researching the vaccination on kids as young as 12.

Pollard said the Oxford trial will aid politicians to determine if they want to expand mass vaccine services to children at any point in the future when they strive to ensure that schools are protected and fight the transmission of the virus among the general community.

COVID-19 is not a major issue for most kids on their own,” Pollard said The Associated Press.

It is possible that broader usage could be considered in the future to attempt to prevent the development of the pandemic, but here we are only attempting to build the evidence that would justify it if governments decided to go in that path.

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