Pregnant women are 20 times more likely to die because of Covid 19: What’s the situation in India


The doctors of Oxford University and UW Medicine came up with a new study that shows the women who have contracted COVID-19 during pregnancy are 20 times more prone to die.

Pregnant women with COVID in India are at high risk. Many researchers are studying the impact of corona on pregnant women. One of the first to come up with a new study shows the death rate in pregnant women is higher by comparing the control group to assess the result. What Effect does COVID-19 have on pregnant women and their newborns? How safe is it to get vaccinated when pregnant? What is causing the higher date rate in pregnant women? And many more are the questions people should know about while conceiving during the COVID pandemic. Here are what the study says and many other types of research.

Impact on pregnant women during COVID: Research 

The doctors of Oxford University and UW Medicine came up with a new study that shows the women who have contracted COVID-19 during pregnancy are 20 times more prone to die than those who are not tested positive.

More than 100 researchers and pregnant women from 43 maternity clinics in 18 low-, medium-, and high-income countries participated in the study; 220 of the women obtained treatment in the United States, including 40 at UW Medicine. The study was carried out between April and August of 2020.

The research is different as each woman infected with COVID-19 was comparable to two uninfected pregnant women who gave birth in the same hospital within the same time period. 

Women and their newborns were often more inclined to have preterm labour, pre-eclampsia, and admission to the ICU and/or intubation, in addition to an elevated risk of death. According to the report, 11.5 per cent of the babies born to mothers who were positive for the disease have tested positive. The study is published in JAMA Pediatrics

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While other researchers have focused on the impact of COVID-19 on pregnant women, this is one of the first to have a comparable control group to assess results, according to Dr Michael Gravett, the lead of the research study.

Risks and factors  

Gravett did point out one implication that women with COVID-19 that was asymptomatic or moderate were not found to be at higher risk for ICU treatment, preterm pregnancy, or preeclampsia. In this sample, about 40% of the women were asymptomatic. Obese pregnant mothers, as well as those with hypertension or diabetes, were shown to be at the highest risk of developing serious disease.

The new borns of women tested with COVID-19 were much more likely to be born prematurely, but their infections were generally moderate, according to the report. Breastfeeding does not seem to be associated to disease transmission. The study discovered that Caesarean section delivery could be correlated with an elevated chance of developing an infectious infant.

Gravett indicated that these and other research results compelled U.S. states to expand vaccine eligibility to pregnant mothers, who were previously thought to be at low risk for extreme COVID-19.

Pregnant women with COVID in India

A study published in The Lancet Global Health journal also showed that the risk of mothers dying while childbirth in India rose by more than a third during Covid-19 relative to pre-pandemic instances.

Global lockdowns, disruptions in reproductive health systems, a decrease in health-seeking behaviour, and healthcare providers’ anxiety of being infected have contributed to increased birth risks and worsened health outcomes for women and newborns.

The study covered two reports that looked at the effect of the pandemic on maternal mortality rates in middle-income countries like India and Mexico.

COVID vaccines to pregnant women 

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According to a survey held by researchers at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, the majority of pregnant women said that they will get their covid-19 jabs as well as vaccinate their children against the deadly virus.

About 18,000 women from 16 countries referred to questions about a potentially safe and effective covid-19 vaccine with 90% efficacy. Around, 52% of pregnant women and 73% of non-pregnant women stated that they would get the vaccine, and 69% said they would vaccinate their kids to fight against COVID-19.

In India, the Philippines, and Latin American countries, acceptance was higher than 60% among pregnant women.

Although, on April 22 Indian health ministry said that the  Covid-19 vaccines should not be administered to pregnant and lactating women as there have not been any anti-coronavirus vaccine clinical trial so far.

The ministry said in a letter to all states and union territories that under the emergency use of coronavirus vaccination is only recommended for people aged above 18.

Newborns of mothers with Covid

Coronavirus is rare in babies born to Covid-infected mothers. Few newborns tested positive for COVID shortly after birth. It is unclear whether the virus infected these newborns before or after birth. The majority of newborns that tested positive had minor or no signs and have recovered. However, there have been a few cases of newborns suffering from serious Covid-19 disease.

India recorded over 3.3 lakh new cases in a single day spike for the second day in a row for the first time in the whole world. Many pregnant women with COVID in India are at higher risk, follow the COVID regulations and stay safe.


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