MIR AHD COVID-19: An Interactive Testing Dashboard

MIR AHD COVID-19 Dashboard
IIT-Gandhinagar has developed an Interactive COVID-19 testing dashboard with the help of which the public would be able to take advantage of key information details. Based on this, they can know what serious steps they should take during this hard time. MIR AHD COVID-19 Dashboard

This MIR AHD COVID-19(virus dashboard) will help people provide them with all kinds of solution-based steps to follow during the pandemic. Not only that, but the panel will also offer precise examination for coronavirus and what steps one should take post coronavirus.

Post coronavirus and after the opening of lockdown, we all will head towards our normal life. But the fact is we would not be able to enjoy a normal life for years after lockdown. As WHO suggests, COVID-19 is a never-ending issue in the world, until and unless we found a reliable cure for it.

All About MIR AHD COVID-19 Dashboard:

MIR AHD COVID-19 Dashboard
MIR AHD COVID-19 Dashboard

MIR AHD COVID-19 dashboard will provide you specific information on a city scale, with which you can be more specific regarding the COVID results. Hence based on the final result, you will get steps to follow post coronavirus from this interactive dashboard. Under the testing section, you would be able to notice that this dashboard will help you and provide you with specific results based on the kind of work people do.

With this dashboard, the developers can help administrators, hospitals, and the public in planning testing and strategies post coronavirus. So that we can get back to work without any confusion.

Directly visit MIR AHD COVID-19 dashboard from here.

How does MIR AHD COVID-19 dashboard work?

This dashboard works with the help of a massive integration between social and transportation patterns. It collects information about COVID-19 cases from various cities and keeps tracking the social patterns, how people meet each other, and the daily transportation details.

This collected information provides you a better understanding of the risk of getting stuck with this virus post coronavirus.

If you are working under a particular administration or hospital field, you would be able to get specific results. As such, places have higher risks of COVID-19.

Additional Help from the Dashboard:

Under the additional help section, you would be able to take advantage of testing facilities, quarantining, and contact tracing rates.

Based on this additional information, you can put forward some new steps to keep yourself safe and away from the virus.

Behind MIR AHD COVID-19 Model:

IIT-Gandhinagar developed MIR AHD COVID-19
IIT-Gandhinagar developed MIR AHD COVID-19

The IIT-Gandhinagar team followed the basic model on which this interactive testing dashboard has developed a US patented technology. That have a look at the travel preferences and details within a particular town. Hence on the results of that travel details, it offers a ranking table of different segments.

Various Government authorities are also learning more about this dashboard with which they can utilize it for handling several scenarios.

In case if there is some change in lockdown strategies. Then the users would be able to have a look at a difference in the overall solution strategies too. Along with that, it also provides details of Government testing laboratories for additional help and easy access.

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MIR AHD COVID-19 Dashboard
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