70 new variable stars were discovered by a team of Indian Astronomers

A team of Indian astronomers had surveyed the photometric variability of an open cluster (NGC 559).


During this survey, the astronomers were able to find 17 new variable stars. This finding has been published, on 15th September In the arXiv Pre-print repository. The star cluster allows one to study stellar evolution. Star Clusters have the same properties That are in age distance and initial composition. Usually, the astronomers Often look for variable stars in young and intermediate-age clusters. This could help in the understanding of pre-main-sequence (PMS) Stars and, hence it is the initial phase of Stellar evolution.


The star cluster is that located in about 7900 light-years from the earth, NGC 559 Have discovered 152 member stars and found that the cluster in the level of 0.82 mags has reddening. Its radius Includes half the members that are about 4.86 arcmin.


The Indian team of Astronomers is led by Yogesh C. Joshi of the Aryabhatta  Research Institute of Observational Science ( ARIES). They have published the outcome of the research of a long-term photometric study of NGC 559.


The astronomers in the published paper mentioned, “This work presents first long-term photometric variability survey of the intermediate-age open cluster NGC 559. We have carried out an extensive multi-site campaign to gather V band photometric data of the cluster field on 40 nights spanning over more than three years.”


In the 70 new variables starts about 67 are periodic variables and periodicities ranging from three hours to 41 days. Most of theirs periodic variables have periods below one day and are relatively small applet you’d of variability that is below 0.02 mag level.


In the 70 new variables, only 30 Where confirmed as cluster members, and 37 belongs to the field star population. In that 11 members stars Then mentioned as non-pulsating variables, Titian variables are five and three as slowly pulsating the B-type stars. Two member stars mentioned under FK ComaeBerenices-type variables and one is blue straggler star.


Three stars out of 70 discovered I mentioned as irregular variables in the study.


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