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Amrit Umarwala: “I want to be a Youth Icon”

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In Conversation with Amrit Umarwawla

Amrit Umarwala, a two-time world record holder and a youth icon from Gurdaspur. Read more: https://bit.ly/31q5HxF

Posted by Platocast on Tuesday, October 20, 2020

A two-time world record holder and a youth icon from Gurdaspur, Punjab! Amrit Umarwala’s story is a true motivation for many people. From a young age, Amrit had a dream to make a name that will be recognized among the youths. A name that they look up to.

While speaking to Platocast about his journey, Amrit said: “Ever since I was young, I only dreamt of becoming a role model in front of the world. With that vision in my head, I would work hard. By working hard, I don’t mean by spending too much time in the gym, I made my own gym equipment at home and kept up with my hard work. I wasn’t against going to the gym or disliking it, my only motive behind making my own equipment was to make people understand that, you need not depend on a place or certain provided equipment to work on your fitness. Everything depends on your dedication, if you are willing to work hard, you can achieve anything you set your mind on.”

Having great potential since childhood, Amrit Umarwala’s dream was to become a youth icon. Coming from a political lineage, his father and grandfather were renowned names in the district. They always stayed in position for the work they did in developing their community. This gives Amrit great motivation to achieve an even bigger name from himself to make them proud. Speaking of academics, Amrit wasn’t that good in his subjects, but he did prove his potential to be an all-around athlete from a young age.


An inspirational message to everybody by Amrit is that “If you want to be successful in your life, then you should be successful in each and every difficult situation of your life. Whatever obstacles you come across; you should be able to successfully go ahead of them. Try to become an all-rounder, try becoming perfect in every activity you do, that is only possible if you stay focused and never give up!”Amrit Umerwawla, a two-time world record holder shares his dream of becoming a youth icon.

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