Meet The Differently Abled YouTube Creator, Shalini Devi Ganesan

Despite her disability, a wheelchair-bound Shalini sets an example to not give up. A 22-year old now has a YouTube channel where she puts out the videos on cooking various recipes.

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In Conversation with Shalini Devi Ganesan

Despite her disability, a wheelchair-bound Shalini sets an example to not give up.

Posted by Platocast on Thursday, September 24, 2020

Shalini Devi Ganesan created a YouTube channel named “Shalini Views” during the pandemic. I just two months of span she got over 11,000 subscribers.


She said, “I got the idea from my brother to start on YouTube channel. I’m getting a good response to my YouTube channel.”

Shalini has been diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy Type II disease that is seen in one of 6000 children. Her attitude of never giving up made her do something very unique. The pandemic and the lockdown has led her to pursue and shine which is taken many people by surprise.

In her YouTube channel, Shalini shares her favourite recipes of some Malaysians and Indian dishes.


She prepares from sweet to sour, delicious dishes with the help of her family members and is getting quite popular.


In an interview with Platocast, she said, ” I want to grow my YouTube channel and improve my skills. I can never forget the first radio interview that I gave after they came across my YouTube channel. That is memorable and unforgettable.”


She shares her childhood experience of how she had been treated in the public space for being disabled.

She said, “People in public used to see me like an alien because of my disability. Life is a god’s gift and never get scared of anything that comes on your way. Start working on your goals.”


She believes in her will and is paving her way towards happiness in what she is doing. She sets an inspiration to many with her incredible work.


” In future, I want to make my family financially stable. Success is not an accident, it is a lot of struggle, learning, sacrifice and hard work never give up at any situation,” Shalini added.

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