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Meet Lucknow’s popping sensation: Zehra Ali

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In Conversation with Zehra Ali

Zehra Ali, a popping sensation from lucknow who aims to set an example through her dance moves.

Posted by Platocast on Monday, October 5, 2020

While talking to Platocast Zehra expressed that she has been popping for the past 2 to 3 years. I discovered popping when India was at the time booming with Hip-Hop culture, with various dance forms and styles through reality shows and dance competitions were introduced and many dancers were growing with their talents. Popping was not so popular then but then it had little influence in Lucknow. Then with some detailed research and interest, I got familiar with it, started practicing and that’s when it all started.

Being a self-trained dancer, it wasn’t enough to know the foundation of the dance form. “I found people who taught popping and also discovered the underground Hip-Hop culture in Lucknow which helped me a lot to develop. Having architecture on one side is a difficult challenge, but as a growing dancer practice is equally important. As we all know “practice is the key to perfection,” I do make sure that I am making time to train myself regardless of my schedule.”

“It’s overwhelming when people tell me that I’m their inspiration and they are really amazed at how I perform, especially because of my dance form.” “Being a Muslim girl, it is difficult to dodge all the societal norms as a dancer. But it gives me more confidence when I put all that behind me and keep winning and proving myself.”


Her goal is to become a full-time dancer, she said: “Girls can also do popping even though it known to be a manly style. There are many girls who are into these various dance forms and our community respects them a lot for their passion and hard work.”


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