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Friday, April 16, 2021

Remarks from Prime Minister Trudeau on the farmer’s agitation added to his records of blunder

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, unsurprisingly waded into the farmers’ protest debate in Delhi, after coming under constant scrutiny over his scandals and blunder, by backing the farmers and expressing his concerns to the Modi Government.

To be popularly known that the Sikh movement is an important constituency in Canadian politics. Justin Trudeau’s adventure demanded a much higher diplomatic cost in allowing the Canadian Foreign Policy to be overwhelmed by a minor domestic consideration. Prime Minister Trudeau pushed Delhi into issuing a statement that one would be forgiven, in effect, to think it was directed towards a long-time rival.

Prime Minister Trudeau barely survived last year after finding out that he appeared in the Blackface several times in his youth. This image hurt him globally than it would have hurt any other leader because he had developed and presented himself into such a large progressive brand.

Controversies over conflict of Interests:

One of the allegations involves a company SNC-Lavalin, Quebec-based, which Prime Minister Trudeau is believed to have tried helping avoid a corruption trial in the fear that it would move its head offices, which will potentially risk many jobs in Quebec.

An important symbol of Justin Trudeau’s progressive ideals, Jody Wilson-Raybould, being the country’s first indigenous person and the third woman to be in the position of Justice Minister, accused Justin Trudeau of ‘undeniable elements of misogyny’ as he tried to bully her into helping the firm.

Last year, Justin Trudeau referred to Shinzo Abe, the then prime minister of Japan, as the leader of China twice. Also, his big Canada Day speech some years ago where Trudeau named every province in the country with delight, but in the process forgot to mention Alberta.

Another scenario where he was caught on camera sniggering behind US President Donald Trump with Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson like a bunch of school kids.

What are the consequences of these blunders?

The consequences are big. Like the time when he dangerously sought to limit the free speech in such a progressive democracy like Canada. “We do not have the right to shout fire in a movie theatre crowded with people, there are always limits,” Trudeau did this while offering solidarity with France, as an example, stating that free speech comes with limits.

When the commercial flight was mistakenly brought down earlier this year, by a missile killing 57 Canadians, Trudeau refused to give in to the urge of blaming Iran. Justin Trudeau took a broader stand, by partly blaming the US for increasing tensions in the region.  And despite Iran not taking full responsibility for its actions, Tehran managed a diplomatic coup, when they saw Justin Trudeau shaking hands with Iran’s foreign minister Javad Zarif on the sidelines of a conference.

The reality of Trudeau’s brand started getting revealed around the time when he visited India in 2018. As this was labeled as the ‘worst Canadian prime ministerial trip abroad ever,’ in which Justin Trudeau got an incredibly cold welcome and was seen socializing with a Sikh radical, even though he was dressed in an all Indian outfit looking very colorful, it was all show and no substance.

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